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2 Venmo Promos: $5 Cash Back with $25 Starbucks Reload & $5 Cash Back after Sending $50 Gift Card [Both Bonuses Posted]

Updated at 9:00am PT on 5/31/24: I received the $5 cash back this morning (5/31) for the $25 Starbucks reload.  Screenshots added below.

Updated at 7:20am PT on 5/23/24: I received the $5 cash back this morning (5/23) for sending the $50 gift card through Venmo.  I will post another update when I receive the $5 cash back from the $25 Starbucks reload.

Good afternoon everyone, I just received this email from Venmo about 2 promos.  You can get $5 cash back after you spend $25 in the Starbucks app or reload $25 to your Starbucks balance.  You can also earn $5 cash back after sending a $50 gift card via the Venmo app, up to 3 times ($15 cash back limit).  I decided to jump on both deals since I use the Venmo and Starbucks apps often.

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Travel with Grant Turned 11 Years Old Today!

Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I have an exciting announcement: Travel with Grant just turned 11 years old today!  Yup, I started this blog on May 1, 2013 and I can’t believe I’ve had a travel blog for 11 years (I really can’t believe I have done anything for 11 years, let alone blogging).  I am very grateful for all the amazing friends I have met through the miles and points hobby and all the incredible memories I have made along the way.  I appreciate my readers for reading, asking inciteful comments, and sharing helpful tips on my blog posts.  Let’s keep it up for another 11 years, shall we?

If you have a moment, please answer this poll question.  Thank you.

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Starbucks 15% Off Chase Offer (Gift Card Balance Reloads Worked)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few days ago, I wrote Peets Coffee & Tea $10 Off $25 AMEX Offer (Gift Card Balance Reloads Worked).  If you are a fan of Starbucks, you won’t want to miss this deal.  There is a new Starbucks Chase Offer available where you can earn 15% cash back, up to a $4.50 statement credit on a $30 purchase.  I added the offer to all my eligible Chase credit cards and made a $30 Starbucks gift card balance reload and that triggered the Chase Offer.  You can repeat that process with each Chase credit card that has the Starbucks offer.  Here are the details:

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Peets Coffee & Tea $10 Off $25 AMEX Offer (Gift Card Balance Reloads Worked)

Updated 3/6/24 at 8:30am PT: I successfully used this AMEX Offer 3 times and all 3 statement credits posted quickly.  Please scroll to the bottom of this post for more details.

Good morning everyone, happy Saturday!  If you are a fan of Peets Coffee & Tea, you won’t want to miss this AMEX Offer.  There is a new Peets Coffee & Tea $10 Off $25 AMEX Offer available and I immediately loaded the offer to my AMEX CC to see if reloading my Peets gift card balance would work.  Yes, it did! This AMEX Offer can be done up to 3 times for a total of $30 statement credit  After you load the offer to your AMEX CC, open the Peets app, go to the Wallet tab, and click Add Funds.

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My 2023 Peloton Bike Rental Year End Review (Total Cost of Ownership & Workout Class Stats)

Good afternoon everyone, welcome to Pedal with Grant. Just kidding, I’m not turning Travel with Grant into a fitness blog, but I wanted to share my experience renting and using my Peloton bike in 2023. I wish I could say that I rode the bike everyday and lost 50 pounds, but that was definitely not the case last year.  Even though I didn’t live up to my Peloton expectations for 2023, I’m starting 2024 off on a strong note and hope to keep the pedal to the metal for the rest of the year.

Here is the origin story for how the Peloton bike ended up in our “workout studio” aka the garage. Back in late 2022, Laura and I decided to try out the Peloton bike. I was worried that we would buy the bike outright and then “forget” to use it and have it sit “stationary” for months. Luckily, I stumbled onto a Mashable article that mentioned renting the bike directly from Peloton and I was surprised by the affordable monthly price. As of January 2024, the Peloton bike rental program is still running and the monthly price has remained the same.

For starters, you can rent the original Peloton Bike for $89 / month or the upgraded Peloton Bike+ for $119 / month.  Instead of going for the more expensive Bike+, you can buy a $50 screen attachment that will allow you to adjust / rotate the monitor.  Both bikes have an initial $150 delivery and set up fee, but there is no long term commitment and you can end the rental anytime and have the bike picked up for free. I liked having the option to return the bike if we didn’t like it or use it enough to justify keeping it.  There is also an option to buy out both bikes.

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