How to Apply $200 Promotional Card to your AT&T Account

This post might not interest many people, but I had the screenshots done, so I thought I would share anyway.  If you have an old iPhone or smartphone, check with your cell phone carrier to see if they offer a similar trade-in program.

Last week, my dad traded in his old iPhone 4 at AT&T and got a $200 promotional card.  Unfortunately, AT&T has lowered the trade-in values as follows:

ATT Trade In Values October

To get the full value of your trade-in, the phone must turn on/off and have no cracks on the screen.  If you pass those tests, you will receive your promotional card.  

ATT $200 iPhone 4 Device Trade In Invoice

Here is the front of the promotional card (I’m not sure if that works as a gift card since there is no Visa or MasterCard logo):

ATT Promo Card Front

Here is the back of the promotional card:

ATT Promo Card Back

To activate the promotional card, click here and enter the first 10 digits of the promotional card.

ATT Trade In Home Page

Then enter the full 16 digit promotional card number and the 4 digit access code on the back.

Activate ATT Promo Card

Your promotional card is now activated.

ATT Promo Card Activated

Promotional card activity:

ATT Promo Card Activitiy

To apply the promotional card to your AT&T bill, log into your AT&T account and go to the bill payment section.  From here, select New Promotion Card from the drop down menu.

Add New Promo Card to ATT

Enter the promotional card information and click Continue.

Enter New Promo Card Payment Info

You will then be brought back to this screen.  Enter $200.00 in the payment box, select True,0 (or something similar to that) from the drop down menu, and click Next.

Pay with New Promo Card

Review the payment details and click Submit.

Review ATT Promo Card Payment

Congratulations, your promotional card balance has been applied to your AT&T bill.

ATT Promo Code Payment Complete

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

22 thoughts on “How to Apply $200 Promotional Card to your AT&T Account

  1. Ali

    That is awesome! Just in time for my iphone 6 upgrade!
    D you know if the Chase ink will award 5x on purchases made in store for new iphones?

  2. Christopher Wu

    I traded in 3 iPhone 4s (not the S model) for a total of $600 credit. Then I took them into the store and actually used them to pay off my iPhone 6. so my net out of pocket on an iPhone 6 was $150 (well and the sales tax). I also got ATT to unlock it as well…


  3. Alex

    Grant any idea if a promo card obtained through someone else’s cell phone trade in could be applied to your own account? I would imagine so but not sure … Thanks for the as usual very useful post!!

  4. icruise

    Whenever I try this it gives me an error: “The card number you entered is not an AT&T Gift Card. Please use the New Credit/Debit Card as your payment method option if your gift card has a Master Card, Visa or American Express logo on it.” The card doesn’t have a credit card logo, and looks just like the one shown above.

    The card does show up normally on the activation site.

        1. Grant

          Hmm, strange. You might try taking the card into an AT&T store and having them manually credit your AT&T account or you can try calling AT&T and having them do it for you over the phone.

  5. Non Sequitur

    I was so upset I’d received a “tethered” gift card that I called all the way up the chain to the President’s office of mobile division. I spent hours on the phone with various people, and was told that a “fix” allowing users to use gift card balance to pay their bill USING THE PHONE was imminent for mid-November 2014. Instead I am now finding that (a) that was a lie (can’t use it by phone to pay bill), AND EVEN WORSE (b) it can’t be used online anymore either (as detailed in this post). The card can now ONLY be used in store. This has to be the worst conceived and managed fiasco of a promotion that I’ve ever heard of. I have 2 of these nearly useless $200 gift cards. In fact, if you google “ATT promotional gift card” the top search results are ATT pages that specifically say you CAN’T use these cards to pay your bill (so I hope I can do something at the store at all).

    1. Grant

      Good morning, I am sorry to hear about your troubles using the AT&T gift card. I guess I was lucky to get the gift card to work online to pay my AT&T bill. I guess you can hold on to these gift cards until you need to purchase a new phone from AT&T. Sorry there are no better uses for these gift cards.

  6. robin

    Hi! I’m trying to use this (it’s crazy how hard they make it to redeem my “money”), and my payment drop down doesn’t have “New Promotional Card.” I have an entry for new debit/credit, or new checking/savings, or my existing card. Am I losing my mind? (Also I can “make payment arrangements.”) Thanks!

    1. Grant

      I believe AT&T changed their website to disallow the use of the promotion codes to pay cell phone bills so I’m not sure what you can use them for now.


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