126 thoughts on “Giveaway: 4 $450 Chase Checking and Savings Account Sign Up Bonus Coupons

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  2. alex

    Haha awesome contest! I actually am not gonna register b/c I already did a similar one last year.

    However, just a heads up for everyone — you get a 1099 form to report the checking/saving bonuses as income, which takes some of the $450 total away (the exact amount will depend on your income bracket). I got the form just a few days in the mail, so I can absolutely verify that this does occur. Not a bad deal still, esp if you were planning on opening a checking/savings account anyway!

    (finally, the bonus requires $10k minimum to remain in the savings account for 90 days, so just make sure you have the cash to store !)

    Good luck to everyone!!!! Fun post, grant :)

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