Poll: Is Evolve Money Dead? 3% Fee for Gift Card Payments Next Week

Good evening everyone, a new week, a new Evolve Money enhancement.  Beginning next week (not sure exactly what date that means), gift cards and debit cards from smaller banks (what is considered a small bank?) will be hit with a 3% bill pay fee.

Evolve Money 3 Percent Gift Card Fee

This is really bad news and begs the question, is Evolve Money dead?  I am 99% sure I know what the results of the poll will be, but let’s see.  I kinda like answer C, but I wouldn’t bet money on that actually happening.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening everyone.

19 thoughts on “Poll: Is Evolve Money Dead? 3% Fee for Gift Card Payments Next Week

  1. derrickrose99999

    This move has effectively ended any reason to use Evolve over any other platform/channel. At first it was the 4 transactions per payee per month, then the no mortgages nor car loans, and then this nail in the coffin. Good riddance.

        1. Grant

          Thanks for the link, I just spent 20+ minutes reading it, but I thought it was from last week, not last year (February 08, 2014). Sounds like a lot has changed since that original interview took place.

  2. Glenn

    If there had been a selection for “it was already dead when they limited you to one payment per payee per month” I would have picked that.

  3. iahphx

    I’ve been paying my power bills and such with Evolve using drug store-bought 5% rebate gift cards. I figure it saves me about $15/month, which is worth it given the relative simplicity. My power company won’t take anything else other than checks or electronic bank transfers, so this is found money.

    I do have one of those Suntrust Delta debit cards. Less lucrative than using the 5% gift cards, but better than getting nothing. It would seem like this will still be fee-free at Evolve, right? I assume there’s no other bill pay service — or other option — that would be better?

    1. Grant

      You never know with Evolve. They may charge a fee to pay all bills in the future, who knows. You could try using Bluebird/Serve/Redbird for bill pay.

      1. iahphx

        Bluebird is a good idea. I tried once before and the website rejected it. That time, I entered a 5 digit zip code for the power company. This time, I first tried the 5-digit zip code and it was rejected again. Then I found their 9 digit zip code. Success! Weird, but I’ll try making the payment next month. I can load a 5x gift card to Bluebird, so it’s better than using my Suntrust Delta card.

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