Chime Card Evolves and Removes Offers for Certain Users

(Hat Tip to Carl for the Facebook message)

Good morning from Denver, Colorado.  I just received a Facebook message from Carl alerting me to a recent negative change to my Chime Card offers:

FYI, my Chime offers all vanished this week. I thought they’d gone out of business or there was a bug, but I learned from a friend that all of the same ones were still there. Chime’s response: “we’re simply reevaluating how and when we show offers! Please keep checking back! If you would like to close your account, though, just let me know. Thanks!”

So apparently if you use the card as intended on occasion, they remove all offers so they won’t lose any additional money funding discounts. If you use it very rarely, you’ll still have deals.

I checked my Chime Card account and all my offers are gone too.

Chime Card Offers Dissapear

On March 15, I wrote New Chime Card Cash Back Offers and Checkbook Feature and showed the following offers in my account.  Between March 15 and March 28, Chime removed all my offers from my account.  I checked my dad’s Chime account and his offers were gone too.

Chime Card Offers 3-15-2015 1 Chime Card Offers 3-15-2015 2

I thought maybe it was due to having a $0 balance on my Chime Card, so I added $25 to my Chime Card with my debit card.

$25 Chime Card Balance

After logging off and logging back on, the offers page is still blank, which make me believe the issue is tied to my use of the Chime Card and not determined by my account balance.

Chime Card Offers Dissapear After Funding

This is a troubling development and might be the nail in the coffin for my Chime Card.  Did your offers disappear too?  Does anyone have any other info about this issue?

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

29 thoughts on “Chime Card Evolves and Removes Offers for Certain Users

  1. Carl Black

    Thanks very much for posting this, Grant. Although it wasn’t on my screenshot since it was from the mobile site, I have a $13 balance. My hunch was that they don’t want users spending exact amounts by buying GCs (i.e. $20 recently at Panera, $50 at BB&B, $5 at SBUX, etc). It makes sense that they are hoping folks spend more than the minimum. However, taking away all offers means I will spend zero.

    1. Grant

      Hmm that might be true. I’ve done exact amounts a few times to meet the deal. I wonder if they are testing whether long time members (I’ve been a Chime Card holder since April 2014) will continue to use the card even without offers. I hope it is just a temporary experiment rather than a permanent change.

  2. TJ

    Have a balance of 8.50, and have for a while. Never used the card except for offers, but I hit probably 20-30 of those over the time I had it – more at the beginning when they had $5 off target, walmart, gamestop, etc. No offers showing for me either, I had all but a handful of those you have above the last time I checked.

  3. JEM

    My offers are gone. I haven’t used Chime card since the 20th of January, and I have a $40+ balance. I’ll give it a few days and check back.

  4. Mike U

    All my offers disappeared, as well. Too bad, Chime was on a roll with the phone & cable bill offers over the past month.

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      1. Jackie @ freeismylife

        Today, I used my Chime card to buy a $50 Macy’s gift card and get $5 back. Right after I got confirmation that the transaction went through and that I had received my $5 cash back, all the remaining offers on my card disappeared. This is very disappointing ):

  8. lochquel

    Chime Card is back? Just saved $3 on Amazon with any purchase. Offers came back for me last week – first on phone and then online. They have a OK selection again. Time to revisit? Looks like same offers as of old.

    1. Carl Black

      Congrats! I got excited and checked again. Nope. Still nothing. If this hasn’t changed by the six month after my last transaction, I’ll go ahead and close the account. :/

      Just curious. I wonder if everyone with no offers used Grant as a referral when opening the account (I did).

      1. Grant

        It wouldn’t surprise me. I got quite a few referrals. I see offers in my account. Strange that you do not. I have $0 balance currently.

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