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It Happened Again: Don’t Leave Home Without At Least Two Of These!

I can’t believe this happened again, though with a different friend. Doesn’t he read my blog posts on TWG? This time on my friend’s FIRST day, which was to start a seven week trip around Mexico, the ATM ate his debit card. He had no cash on him. His bank told him they’d send a new debit card, but after tracking the card’s delivery and waiting four days, my friend had doubts about getting his card.

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PSA: Use ATMs with NFC Readers to Avoid ATM Skimmers

Good morning everyone, I just wanted to introduce you to Shane, the Flying Detective, as my newest writer.  He has a law enforcement background and he will write about law enforcement, travel hacking, MSing, and trip reports.  He has quite a few trip reports ready, so those will be coming out over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy reading his posts and please give Shane a warm TWG welcome.

Everyone has seen the news articles about ATM skimmers and how criminals steal your card info from the magnetic stripe and then record your PIN number by a video camera or a fake PIN pad, right?

How Do ATM Skimmers Work?

To help educate readers who are not familiar with the ATM skimmers, check out this ATM skimmer found at an ATM in Vienna, Austria.  Watch the video and you can see how the device records your information.

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Chime Card Evolves and Removes Offers for Certain Users

(Hat Tip to Carl for the Facebook message)

Good morning from Denver, Colorado.  I just received a Facebook message from Carl alerting me to a recent negative change to my Chime Card offers:

FYI, my Chime offers all vanished this week. I thought they’d gone out of business or there was a bug, but I learned from a friend that all of the same ones were still there. Chime’s response: “we’re simply reevaluating how and when we show offers! Please keep checking back! If you would like to close your account, though, just let me know. Thanks!”

So apparently if you use the card as intended on occasion, they remove all offers so they won’t lose any additional money funding discounts. If you use it very rarely, you’ll still have deals.

I checked my Chime Card account and all my offers are gone too.

Chime Card Offers Dissapear

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RadPad can Pay your Rent… and your Mortgage

Update 6:45am PST on 2/26/2015: Never mind, according to RadPad, “Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to process rent payments. We have very strict contractual guidelines with our Pay with RadPad partners that do not allow us to process anything else, and we really can’t jeopardize that relationship.”

Good morning everyone, I’m sure everyone has heard of RadPad, right?  It is the latest way to pay your rent with a debit card (free) or credit card (2.99%).  If you looked at RadPad’s home page, you would assume that it is only possible to pay your rent with the service, since the word ‘rent’ is mentioned 6 times on the home page.  But I bet you didn’t know you could pay your mortgage with RadPad too, did you?

Pay Rent with RadPad

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Allett EcoThin Original Wallet (Hold Cash and up to 24 Credit Cards)

Updated – 2/14/2015 at 5PM PST: Added more versions of the Allett (leather, velcro, and women’s versions) to the bottom of the post.

Good evening everyone, let me tell you about a cool wallet that I learned about at my recent OC Meetup.  As we discussed gift cards and credit cards, an attendee pulled out his wallet and started looking for a specific card.  Then another attendee pulled out his wallet and noticed that they had the same wallet.  They both had the Allett, a super thin wallet capable of holding cash and up to 24 credit cards.  I decided to buy an Allett and test it out myself (Amazon).

Allet Amazon Photo

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