New Chime Card Offers: $5 Off $30 at Office Depot and $3 Off $30 at Gap

Good morning everyone, it’s time to dust off your Chime Card and hit the stores.  There is a new offer for Office Depot ($5 off $30) and Gap ($3 off $30).  There are also offers for Wendy’s, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Moleskine, Herschel Supply Co, Incase, and Books-A-Million.

Chime Card Offers 7-31-2015

Both Chime Card offers end on August 14 and have limited quantities remaining (as of 8/1/2015 8am PT).  I added a few dollars to my Chime Card with my bank debit card and the funds are available instantly.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. There is also a Marriott deal for hotel stays in Europe this summer.  You can get a $25 credit after booking stays of 2 nights or longer.  You must book through this link and use corporate code 3CE to get the credit.

Marriott Europe Travel

14 thoughts on “New Chime Card Offers: $5 Off $30 at Office Depot and $3 Off $30 at Gap

      1. Carl Black

        No, I drained it in May when there seemed to be no hope of every having rewards again. I plan to close the account later this year before the inactivity fee kicks in if this still isn’t fixed. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to care.

        1. Grant

          I think if you add $25 to your Chime Card, the offers will return. I had a similar problem, but adding money to my Chime Card seemed to reactivate the offers. Worse case, you can just unload the $25 as a debit card to Redbird.

          1. Joe-SC1

            Same thing here. No offers. The difference is that I never unloaded my account. Money from the PPBDC pre-3% fee is still there. I had intended to use it for offers going forward. I think I will try the “add $25” to see if the offers come back. Thanks Grant.

          2. Grant

            Good luck, I hope that helps. If not, try making a few small purchases with the card to “reactivate” your account. That might work too.

          3. Carl Black

            I was originally going to reply that I knew adding $25 would do nothing, but I decided after a couple of days to bite the bullet and try it anyway. I figured, worse case scenario, I could use it to pay my REDcard credit card bill (I wouldn’t want to waste it on loading the beloved prepaid version). And, yeah, I still have no offers today. I had little faith in them since their initial response was so nonchalant (my initial request to cancel the account if there would be no future offers was essentially “you can spend the money to bring the balance to $0 or we can mail you a check” rather than “oh no, we don’t want you to go!”).

            Guess I was reminded of this as I just spent the last bit from a TJ’s GC that I’d purchased on Chime last year. That was officially the last vestige of Chime Rewards, so maybe it is time to go ahead and close the account.

          4. Grant

            Ahh bummer, still no love from Chime for you. I don’t know why they reactivated the offers for me. I only used the Chime Card for the Chime Offers and never any real spending.

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