Alaska Airlines 20 Minute Baggage Guarantee = 2,500 Miles for Slight Delay

Good morning everyone, sorry my posting frequency has gone way down lately.  I am back from my trip to Maui and Kona, so I will get back to posting more frequently soon.  This is just a quick post this morning about the Alaska Airlines 20 minute baggage guarantee.  If your checked bag is not available on the baggage claim carousel within 20 minutes of landing, you can get a $25 Alaska Airlines discount code or 2,500 Alaska Airlines miles.  My flight from Kona (KOA) to Oakland (OAK) on Alaska Airlines landed at 12:07am PT (according to the Alaska Airlines app).  We went down to the baggage claim carousel and waited for our bag.  As soon as I saw our checked bag, I took a screenshot of the time on my iPhone, showing that the bag came 25 minutes after landing.  I then tweeted the screenshot to Alaska Airlines letting them know that the bag took longer than expected to show up on the baggage claim carousel.


If you want more details regarding the 20 minute baggage guarantee, click here.  It says that you must contact Alaska Airlines within 2 hours of receiving your checked bag with a customer service agent at the airport, but I was in a hurry to get home, so I just tweeted Alaska Airlines instead.


Within a few minutes, I received a response from Alaska Airlines on Twitter.  I didn’t ask for any miles or compensation, but the agent (Jordan) proactively offered me the miles.  I have communicated with Alaska Airlines on Twitter in the past, so they were able to locate my Alaska Airlines account without me having to provide my mileage account number.


The following day, the 2,500 Alaska Airlines miles posted to my account.  The entire process couldn’t have been any easier and I thank Alaska Airlines for their quick response.  I believe several other airlines have baggage delivery guarantees, but the rules and rewards differ by airline.


Have you had any experience with Alaska Airlines’ 20 minute baggage guarantee or another airlines’ baggage guarantee?  Let me know below.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

15 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines 20 Minute Baggage Guarantee = 2,500 Miles for Slight Delay

  1. rijn1629

    Delta has a 20 minute guarantee too. I wrote about my bag claim submission for a late bag on Loyalty Traveler last year or year before. Comments to my post basically laughed at me saying I won’t ever hear from Delta Airlines.

    The comments were right. Delta never responded to my claim.

    I wrote another post in June 2016 about Delta Airlines flight and severely delayed bag delivery at Orlando MCO. Bags for entire plane came 70 minutes after plane arrival.

    No response from Delta either on that issue.

    Alaska Airlines is fast with bag delivery.

    1. rijn1629

      Not that it really matters, but in my second example, the airline was American and not Delta with the 70 minutes delay for bags in June. So both Delta and AA suck. I looked back at my article and saw I was flying First Class too on an Executive Platinum complimentary upgrade.

  2. Geoff

    I’ve received the late baggage 2500 bonus 5X from Delta. They’re good quite and my local ground crew is quite bad.

  3. Rich

    I was actually on an Alaska flight when I read this article. Thanks for the reminder. I kept track of the time tweeted Alaska and they said I need to get a voucher from baggage claim at the airport. I asked if they could just credit me the points since I have no time for a voucher. They responded with since we can’t verify the time I’ll see if we can make a one time credit. They ended up giving me the credit, whole thing took about 10min

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  5. Tony J Barajas

    I recieved a voucher, when i try redeming it i get an error message. the program id on the web page default is ecbsg21. my voucher has a program id as ECBSG22. no matter what i enter i get an error code. the lady at the counter told me to contact alaska for a mew voucher,

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Tony, hmm, that is an interesting issue. I would call Alaska Airlines and see if they can apply the voucher to your account. Good luck!


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