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Buy Miles/Points Promos Ending Sept 30: Air France / KLM 60% Bonus, American Airlines 35% Off & Radisson Rewards 30% Bonus

Good afternoon everyone.  I was working on my Buy Miles & Points Page and found a few offers that are ending on September 30.  Always check the math to make sure that buying miles & points makes sense for you.  Do not buy miles & points speculatively unless you have a use in mind.  With that said, here are the 3 promos that are ending soon (and one that ends in early October).  First up, Air France / KLM is offering a 60% bonus when you purchase at least 4,000 Flying Blue Miles.  This offer expires on September 30.

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Reader Question Answered: Best Uses of Alaska Airlines Miles

Is finding award seat availability a challenge for you? It’s no secret that families find it both challenging and frustrating. The easier part is accruing miles and points, because after all we put our spend on credit cards offering us bonuses, accrue miles from flying, and can even buy miles when we need to. We have big smiles on our faces when we see our airline point balances, but often those smiles turn to frowns when we try to put them to good use booking award flight tickets. Reality is not always an easy cup of espresso to swallow!

Alaska Airlines Award Tickets

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Alaska Airlines: Ticket Prices DO Go Down!

Sometimes I have bits of great information to share with you, but they don’t warrant a whole blog post on their own. So today I’m creating an Alaska Airlines Kitchen Galley Sink post to offer some reminders and stories.

Ticket Prices Do Go Down!

Recently I had a frustrating experience with Alaska Airlines when the price of my ticket went down. It’s a challenge to keep track of whether or not the prices I pay for airline tickets go DOWN in price. Why not get a refund I can use towards future flights, right?

Boeing 737-700s are getting a facelift

Boeing 737-700s are getting a facelift and I’m paying less for my seat!

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Alaska Airlines 2 for 1 Flight Vouchers @ San Francisco Giants Game on September 15

Good morning everyone, happy first day of September and the start to a nice, relaxing Labor Day Weekend.  2 weeks from now, the San Francisco Giants have their annual Alaska Airlines 2 for 1 flight voucher game (previously it was a Virgin America 2 for 1 flight voucher game) on September 15.  The flight vouchers have a unique code and will be given out to the first 40,000 fans.  Based on attendance at a recent game, there should be plenty of flight vouchers to go around.  I wrote about this promo last year, but it seems like the terms of the offer have gotten much more restrictive this year.  Even if you cannot make the game or do not live near San Francisco, I am 100% sure people will sell the offer codes on eBay starting around 6pm PT on September 15.

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Alaska Airlines Promises We’ll Love These Updates & Upgrades

Alaska Airlines promises it’s on a mission to create an airline we’ll love! Love is a strong word, though I’d say if I did love any airline, it just might be Alaska. And you know how it is when you’re “almost” in love, you want to keep track of how the relationship is going. Alaska Airlines just announced enhancements worth keeping track of, though some of the benefits started this past spring. For instance, Alaska is updating aircraft, changing up their menu, and announcing airport lounge openings.

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