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60,000 LifeMiles Posted After My First Avianca Vuela Credit Card Purchase

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Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Last month, I was instantly approved for the Avianca Vuela Credit Card and wrote PSA: Call to Activate Avianca Vuela Credit Card & Confirm 60K LifeMiles Sign Up Bonus.  A few days ago, my Avianca Vuela Credit Card statement closed and I was excited to see the 60,000 LifeMiles from the signup bonus.  Unfortunately, my LifeMiles account number was not listed on my credit card statement and I did not input a LifeMiles account number on the credit card application when I applied for the credit card.  I called the customer service number on the back of the credit card to find out what LifeMiles account number was linked to my credit card.  After answering a few security questions, the rep gave me my LifeMiles account number.  Now, I just needed to log into my LifeMiles account to see if the 60,000 LifeMiles posted to my account.

To sign into your LifeMiles account, DO NOT go to the Avianca website.


Instead, go to LifeMiles.com and click the Get Your Password link.


Enter your personal info and LifeMiles account number, then click Continue.


This next step is very important and kind of tricky.  You need to answer these 5 security questions correctly in order to set up your LifeMiles account.


But these security questions are not your normal security questions.  Here are the security questions I was asked, specifically about my LifeMiles account.

If you answered all of those security questions truthfully and correctly, you will see this screen.  Check your email address for a password reset link.

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The email subject is “Password Reminder” and it came from LifeMiles@notificacion.lifemiles.com.  Click the Reset Password link.


Create your new password and click Continue.  You can now sign into your LifeMiles account.


If you hover over the My Account tab, you will see your current balance and the number of LifeMiles you earned from various activities (travel, credit cards, conventions, and shopping).


You can also see more details regarding your account balance.  I loaded $5 to my Amazon balance trigger the first purchase requirement.  My statement closed on January 6 and the miles were in my LifeMiles account on January 7.

One interesting thing that I noticed is the Member Since field says April 30, 2013.  I must have signed up for a LifeMiles account a long time ago and forgot to add it to my Award Wallet account.  So even though I didn’t enter a LifeMiles account number when I signed up for the Avianca Vuela Credit Card, Avianca found my existing account and used that account number.


If you have any questions about getting the 60,000 LifeMiles sign up bonus, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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21 thoughts on “60,000 LifeMiles Posted After My First Avianca Vuela Credit Card Purchase

        1. Grant Post author

          You are right. I would try calling the number on the bottom of the credit card application page and applying over the phone. Make sure to give them the promo code too.

  1. Joris

    Did it say $40k or $60k on the application submission page? I entered the promo code but it still showed 40k bonus on the next page

  2. Jeremy

    I got my card around 12/10 ..Made a purchase and paid it off by 12/15.. still no annual fee or statement close. :/

  3. Nick

    Grant, is there some special use you have planned for the Lifemiles? I’m curious as they allow upgrades for Star Alliance (to biz class, for example) but I don’t know which partners allow this. How are you going to utilize most of these miles? Do you know yet? 60K sounds like a good haul, I may have to put this one on my radar.

    PS – Thanks for the post, you made me log in and force-update my username, which was long overdue according to Lifemiles.

    1. Grant Post author

      I’m a terrible planner. I have 60,000 Lufthansa miles, 40,000 Korean Air miles and now 60,000 LifeMiles that I do not have plans for, all from various credit card sign ups. I always figured one of my friends would need some of the miles and I could barter with them.

  4. Bob

    Did you apply for only this card or BOTH lifemiles cards (no af)? I haven’t seen any dp on anyone applying for both at same time. Any plans to get the no AF card too or not worth hp? Any idea if this card is churnable or if anyone has been approved for multiple apps/bonuses?

    1. Grant Post author

      Great questions, Bob. I only went for the 60K offer. I gues I will go for the 20K offer during my next App-O-Rama. I haven’t heard any datapoints regarding churning the no AF card.

      1. Bob

        Thanks! I’ve got one coming up and was looking at multiple BOA and adding this one into mix. Wasn’t sure how that would work. Did you apply for this card as standalone or as part of App-o-Rama?

        1. Grant Post author

          I did a 3 card App-O-Rama and this card was the third card to get approved. I also got AMEX Biz Plat and Barclays JetBlue Plus CC. Good luck on your upcoming AOR.

      2. slomichael

        I applied for both cards at the same time, 60K card first. Approved for 60K, denied for 20K. Avianca CSR states that I could only have the same product only once. Got the same answer twice.

        60K posted with first statement.

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