10 Award Wallet Plus 1 Year Upgrade Code Winners (10 Great Ideas to Improve the Service)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway yesterday for 10 Award Wallet Plus 1 year upgrade codes.  I asked you to tell me what feature would make Award Wallet even better.  I carefully reviewed every comment and I had a very hard time narrowing down the list to my top 10 favorite comments.  Several comments mentioned the same feature, so in fairness, I went with the comment that was posted first.  Here are the 10 winners, based in order of posting.

1 – Itineraries to share with friends/family members without prices, points used & reservation codes.

José Luis Domingo Fuster It would be nice to have the possibility of generating a, let’s say “sterile” itinerary, to give to your family or friends, with timetable, and all contact data but without paid/due amounts nor reserve codes.

2 – Transaction history showing recent miles/points/cash back changes (most popular response).

SL It would be great if awardwallet could also include transactional history (kinda like mint) to provide greater context of the balances.

3 – Show shopping portal rates when logging into airline/hotel accounts.

Scott Gerhard I wish they had a way to help you select the best cashback portal when clicking into a program…something like Cashback Monitor does. It takes a few extra steps to use Award Wallet concurrently with Cashback Monitor to get the best cashback now.

4 – Track annual fee due dates and how many days left to meet minimum spend requirement.

Timothy R Thornton I would love to see the ability to track annual fees charges, date of next annual fee charge, along with days of special promo signup bonus that you started (such as spend $3000 in first 3 months).

5 – Many of you recommended ways to extend your miles and points from expiring, but it would be great if Award Wallet could automatically save miles/points from expiring.

lenin1991 They should add an optional total dummy mode: if I’ve completely neglected a points account and it is like 2 days from expiration, transact the smallest amount possible to renew my points like a magazine subscription.

6 – Improvements to the iOS app – I want to land on my points balances, not upcoming trips.

Glenn 1) Add Splender. Its a major portal from Cartera. There’s really no excuse for it to be missing.  2) Really not fond of the new iOS app where they immediately take you to your reservations. Personally I use TripIt for that and don’t care about this stuff from AwardWallet. When I load AwardWallet I want to see my balances, IDs etc like I used to. Takes several more clicks now. Would be fine with a setting.  3) I book a LOT of hotel rooms ahead, basically covering the next year or so. Which means that certain programs like SPG often time out when trying to update. So I get an error rather than the update to my points balance which is what I want. Would be nice if it could be set not to bother with reservations say so that this didn’t happen?

7 – Show airline and hotel elite status expiration dates.

Pam I’d love to see the expiration date for my status with hotel chains and airlines.

8 – Customize trips, move trips around, and color code programs for easy grouping.

Aleks Want an ability to customize your Trips: move segments around (often misaligned by AW); add prices in separate bar or points used (they not always picked up by the AW); and sort past Trips by year (at least). One other issue is synchronization between mobile, tablet & PC devices – now it updates separately for some reason.
Another improvement could be adding Color-Coding programs as users want to group/see them faster.  Plus adding a menu option with links to award charts to various programs would be super helpful as well.

9 – The ability to add your own point value for each program to determine how much cash equivalent you have in miles/points.

Nate It would be great to either have a standard approximate value for each program’s miles (or you could input your own) and then on a single view you could see an estimated value for each of your accounts and also a roll up of the total value of all your accounts.

10 – Going one step further than recommending hotel and airline promos, it would be great if Award Wallet could automatically enroll you in every airline and hotel promo.

James Fatzinger I would love to see Award Wallet suggest signing up for promotions (e.g., IHG’s current 15% bonus, Hilton’s 2,000 point/stay offer, etc.) based on users’ registered credit cards and reward programs.

I am going to send out the Award Wallet Plus 1 year upgrade codes right now, so check your inbox shortly.  I sent a link to the giveaway post to the Award Wallet team, so hopefully they can implement a few new features soon.  Thanks to everyone who participated and have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “10 Award Wallet Plus 1 Year Upgrade Code Winners (10 Great Ideas to Improve the Service)

  1. The D-Train

    “10 – Going one step further than recommending hotel and airline promos, it would be great if Award Wallet could automatically enroll you in every airline and hotel promo.” – What if you didnt want your SPGs transfered to XYZ airline’s promo? Auto enroll to every promo isn’t possible

    1. Grant Post author

      That’s a good point. I guess since there are different types of promos, there would need to be rules. I was thinking more along the lines of “stay 2x in February and earn 5,000 bonus points.”

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