A Cheap Day in Bogota, Colombia (Monserrat, Funicular, Roasted Corn & Uber Rides)

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Before I go on, I wanted to give a quick shoutout to all the people who attended my SF Travel Hackers weekend meetup in SF on Saturday – it was great to talk to all of you.  This post is the second trip report from my recent South American trip (part 1: Aloft Bogota Colombia Airport Hotel Review (SPG Category 1 + Free Airport Shuttle)).  In this post, I will show you how cheap things are in Bogota, Colombia.  The current exchange rate as of February 13 is 1 US Dollar = 2,878 Colombian Pesos (You can round up to 3,000 to make the math simpler in your head).

1 USD to Colombian Peso

During our time in Bogota, we took 2 Uber rides.  The first ride was from the Aloft Bogota Hotel to Montserrat (one of the highest peaks in the city with a great view of the city) and the second from somewhere in town back to our hotel.  The first Uber ride was 12,300 Colombian Pesos (~$4.27 for a 35 minute Uber ride) and second Uber ride was 11,000 Colombian Pesos (~$3.82 for a 19 minute ride).

At Monserrat, we purchased our funicular tickets and waited in line.  You can pay with Colombian Pesos or US credit cards.  4 one way funicular tickets cost 20,000 Colombia Pesos (~$6.95 total or ~$3.48 per person roundtrip).  There is also a cable car (pictured on the tickets), but we did not take that so I am not sure what the cost would be for that ride.

Here are some photos from the top of Monserrat overlooking beautiful Bogota.

After we took the funicular back down, we walked down the hill (past the street vendors) and wandered into a big square with a church/cathedral.  It was Sunday, so all the locals were out and about.  I bought some freshly cut mangoes from a food vendor on the side of the road for 2,000 Colombian Pesos (~70 cents) and it was delicious.

A few blocks later, I found another food vendor selling roasted corn for 4,000 Colombian Pesos (~$1.39).  The corn kernels were huge and very filling.  Here is a before and after photo of the corn.

After we took our second Uber ride back to the hotel, we just hung out at the hotel and watched an NFL playoff game.  We had an early flight out the next day, so we didn’t go out to dinner.  If you have any questions about Bogota, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone.

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