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How Did Uber’s Terrible Year of PR Affect Drivers?

Uber’s 2017 was full of scandals at the corporate level, but the effect on driver morale and more importantly driver earnings, was limited. Our Uber insider, Harry Campbell, surveyed over 1,200 Uber and Lyft drivers and found out a ton of information. I think it’s interesting to know what’s going on behind the scenes, especially in a company that so many travelers utilize. Here are a few key takeaways from the survey results:

  • Despite a terrible year of PR for Uber in 2017, satisfaction among drivers actually went up! 58.2% of Uber drivers reported that they were satisfied with their Uber driving experience – a 9% increase in driver satisfaction from the prior year.
  • Rideshare drivers want a raise! Uber and Lyft drivers reported earning $16.93 per hour before expenses, but they want to be paid $25.67 per hour (a 31% increase).

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What is the Best Transportation Option from Airport to City Center in these 85 Cities?

Are you an expert in knowing the best, cheapest, or safest way to get from an airport to the city center? I’m not, as proven by my totally crazy airport to city center experience in Buenos Aires. Here’s a great article that compares 85 cities around the world when it comes to getting to the city center by taxi, Uber, or renting a car. I’ve been to 42 of the cities on the list and I can see I made some good choices, and can do better next time. See what you think!

Image source: http://www.jfktaxiservice.com

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About BlaBlaCar (Ridesharing Service)

As travelers, we’re always looking for options for getting from one place to another. Especially in Europe, I noticed people using BlaBlaCar because it can be the cheapest and easiest option to get from one city to another. So what is BlaBlaCar, how do you use it, and is it any good? Maybe you already know that BlaBlaCar is a ridesharing community that has both an app and a website. Drivers publish their upcoming trips. For a fee, riders go along for the ride. BlaBlaCar started in France and is now available in 22 countries, mostly in Europe, but also in Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, India, and Mexico. I haven’t had a chance to use BlaBlaCar yet, BUT when I was recently in sLOVEnia, my cousin came from Italy to spend time with me and she’s used BlaBlaCar, so I asked her some questions about her experience. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Shelli: How many times have you used BlaBlaCar?

My cousin Juliana: I’ve used BlaBlaCar three times, and not too recently, so I don’t know how my experiences compare to what’s on offer now. Everything went exactly as it should have, so I have no horrible memories and nothing that sticks out as unpleasant or unfortunate.

S: Do you find that the website and app work well?

J: I’ve only used the website (blablacar.co.uk, blablacar.fr, and blablacar.it versions). It worked well. Continue reading

Mr. Money Mustache Drove for Uber; the Results Don’t Add Up

Do you think Uber drivers actually earn much money? Every now and again, since we first started writing about all the Uber ins and outs, I share stories about Uber that I find worth reading. I want to keep you in the know, so here’s my latest find from Mr. Money Mustache. I think you’ll find it as fascinating a glimpse into the backstory of driving for Uber as I did.

The Man, The Mystery, The Mustache. Image source: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2017/11/22/mr-money-mustache-uber-driver/

American Express Cards Will No Longer Earn 2x Membership Reward Points on Uber Rides (Effective February 1)

Updated 11pm PT on 1/4: This change affects all American Express cards, not just the American Express Platinum Card.

Good evening everyone.  I was reviewing my American Express Platinum Business Charge Card statement this afternoon and spotted this announcement.  Effective February 1, American Express Platinum cardholders will no longer earn 2x Membership Reward Points on Uber rides.  I believe this change affects all version of the Platinum Card.  I think this change has to do with the new Barclays Uber Visa Credit Card which earns 2% cash back on Uber rides.  A few months ago, Tonei wrote Lesson Learned: International Uber Rides Do Not Earn 2x Membership Reward Points, but international Uber rides haven’t earned 2x Membership Reward Points in a long time.  I looked all over my statement but could not find any more information about this announcement.

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