Coronado / San Diego Week: An Introduction to the Hotel Del Coronado & Surrounding Area

When Hilton announced that as of August 15, 2017 the Hotel Del Coronado would be bookable using Hilton Honors Points, it was a big deal! It’s becoming one of Hilton’s Curio Collection, which is for “hotels celebrated for their personality and individuality.” The Del, as we call it, may just be one of the most famous iconic hotels in the U.S. Certainly on the west coast. It opened in 1888! Many people don’t realize that Hilton had already been running The Del, but making its rooms bookable on points changed the game for Hilton loyalists. And for the hotel.

Hotel del Coronado view from the beach.
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I have a long standing relationship with Coronado (the city, not the hotel), and I love it there. I bike, take long walks, play golf and tennis, swim in the ocean, and have even worked over there. So when this news was announced, I thought I’d head over to The Del and see if I could learn what the change in being able to use Hilton Honors Points to book rooms might mean. I did make contact with Sara, the Director of PR over at The Del, but she told me conversations had to be cleared by Hilton corporate offices :( She did, however, send me this news release. Sara also told me, “Because we are part of the Curio Collection, it is really business as usual at The Del with the addition of the hotel now accepting Hilton Honors Points.”

So to HONOR this change at The Del, here at TWG we’re bringing you a week of Coronado/San Diego posts. Even if you never stay at The Del, we promise you’ll want to keep these posts as references for ANYTIME you’re in Coronado or San Diego! We’ll have posts about what to do in Coronado, walk/biking Coronado, where to eat in San Diego, and if your motto is “life is a beach”, we’ve got you covered!

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13 thoughts on “Coronado / San Diego Week: An Introduction to the Hotel Del Coronado & Surrounding Area

  1. Liz

    I did a smores event once at the Hotel Del (as part of Yelp Spring Break, last year) – such a nice hotel and beach. I’d love to stay there at some point.

  2. Jon W.

    Yes yes yes, a guide to my home town! (San Diego, not Coronado)

    Might I add, and surely you know this Shelli, the Del is in “Some Like It Hot” and was an inspiration for Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort.

    I spent many a weekend afternoon when I was a kid frolicking on Coronado Beach with my family and occasionally taking dips in the pool (when I believe it was still open to the public).

    1. Shelli Post author

      HI Jon W, Thanks for such enthusiasm :) And thanks for adding to the conversation about The Del’s history. I hope you enjoy the series of posts this week, and that each day you’ll have more to add to what I suggest. The beach is still frolic worthy!

      1. Jon W.

        Yes. I do need to go to Coronado beach again soon. Usually on my quick trips home I’m just doing quick jaunts to Torrey Pines (mainly to hike up the bluffs), Del Mar, or Blacks Beach.

        And I do look forward to your food post and your picks for our fabulous fish tacos. (I’m not sure if you’ll feature carne asada fries or California burritos)

  3. Leo

    I’m planning on visiting San Diego in March – can’t find any availability for the Del at all on the Hilton site – and I’m happy to pay cash! :( So alternatives will be very welcome.

    1. Shelli Post author

      HI Leo, I’m thinking you’re asking for hotel alternatives. If that’s correct, do you want to stay on Coronado? If not, are there other programs you have points with? Let me know, and I’ll see if I have any suggestions for you.

  4. Jeff

    ~10 years ago my family was in San Diego for a wedding and had the most incredible brunch at the Del. I recall it as a brunch in an extremely large room built from the hull of a large ship. The food was decadent, served buffet style, and every time you left your seat you came back to a fresh Mimosa. It’s a point of family humor that my Dad was led to believe the cost would be around $15/person, and it turned out to be North of $50/person.

    Does this sound familiar? Can any Diamonds confirm whether the brunch is in any way provided as a Diamond benefit now that the hotel is under Hilton? The Hilton rep I spoke with was murky – “Continental Breakfast is provided to all Diamond Members” – but could not confirm they meant the actual fancy brunch. I’m not much of one to blow points on top-tier hotels, but if it were included I would probably make a point of dragging my family back to San Diego to relive that event (on points this time…)

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