Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse: “Your First Time is Always Special”

Everyone seems excited about the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. I’m excited too, but I won’t be doing any special traveling to see it. But some people are more excited than others! I found this great article about “eclipse chasers.” Maybe you know someone who qualifies? Or maybe you’re an eclipse chaser yourself?

Are you doing anything special for this seldom-seen-clearly(-from-the-US-at-least) astronomical event? Let us know in the comments below!

Solar Eclipse. Image source:

4 thoughts on “Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse: “Your First Time is Always Special”

  1. Kacie

    We are driving a little less than 200 miles to be in totality (90% at home). Will be in Kentucky. So very excited!

  2. Amy

    We’re lucky enough to be on Bald Head Island, NC with at 97.5% eclipse tomorrow. Here we celebrate every full moon with a special “Howl at the Moon” gathering on the beach – BYOB and an appetizer to share. Tomorrow we’ll gather for a “Eclipse Howl” with all the trimmings! Cheers!


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