Review: Taste of France Gift Box from the World of Hyatt

Did you catch the offer from World of Hyatt called Try The World? Hyatt wants to “connect us to the people, places and experiences at the heart of our world.” Their Try The World concept involves a “box of the month” filled with foods and ingredients from all across a specific country. I decided to give this Try The World a go, and ordered the first three boxes. The total cost was $105, so that’s $35 a box. I’ve never subscribed to a box of the month club before!

For the first month, the country Hyatt chose is France. I received emails telling me my order was received and exactly when the box would be shipped. The box the goodies came in was gorgeous. I loved the colors, the creative artwork, and the packaging. All very stylish and classy.

It came with a large fold-out card that talks about who the chef is that put these items together and the card also explains each product. This French sampling was created by Chef Jean-Francois Rouquette from the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. Having stayed at this Park Hyatt, it brought back fond memories!

There are eight items, which except for the tea and savory puff pastry, are really ingredients used in French cooking. And Chef Rouquette reminds us that French cuisine is a way of life he hopes we’ll embrace.

The tea comes from Palais des Thes. This company has been around for more than 25 years, though not being much of a tea drinker, I had not heard of them. If you know them, I’d be curious to know what you think of their tea.

The savory puff pastry is a bag of crackers that tasted a little too good :) They are very buttery and filled with rosemary, two tastes I really enjoy. Once this bag is opened, I don’t think these crackers will last too long. Not because they’ll spoil, though. They’ll get eaten in about 2 minutes, flat!

Four of the items are ingredients you’ll use in cooking. There’s an herbal blend that would work well with meats and salads. There is a container of finishing salts, which the French Mediterranean is known for. I’m a mustard nut, which means mustard is my favorite condiment, so of course, this box would not be complete without mustard from Dijon. And to complete the ingredient group, there’s a jar of Tomato Spread with Provencal Herbs. This tasted very good and could be used in sandwiches or as a dip for vegetables.

Also included are two sweet items, caramels from Brittany and a Chestnut Spread. I haven’t opened the caramels yet, though I know I’ll like them! I did not know France had a region famous for growing chestnuts. It’s in the south of France in an area I haven’t been to, called Privas. Chef Rouquette instructs me to use this spread in yogurt, cake, or ice cream. I think this weekend I’ll use that as an excuse to get some ice cream! I do enjoy chestnuts, so perhaps of all the items in the box, I’m most curious about this one.

Seems to me the bottom line with these box of the month ideas is whether it’s worth the money and would you use the items. Also, would this make a nice gift for people? The answer to this making a nice gift is absolutely YES. The packaging was lovely and if you know anyone who cooks and enjoys condiments, finishing salts, and snack type foods, this is a very creative gift idea. I have family and friends who have more condiments in their kitchen than food. They would love this gift!

I put out the tomato spread at dinner the other night and it’s almost gone now. For sure, I’ll try the teas and enjoy the caramels and chestnut spread. I do cook, so for me, using the salts, herbs, and mustard will be fun to experiment with. The $35 price point seems fair. Not a great deal, but neither does it seem overly priced. If you were to go to Trader Joes or World Market and try to replicate these items, I think you’d spend close to the same price.

Did you take Hyatt up on their Try The World box of the month idea? Did you think it was worth it? Do you use, or gift, other box of the month clubs? I’m curious which ones people really enjoy, so please let me know in the comments below.

P.S. I will also receive a Taste of India and a Taste of Turkey box over the next few weeks.  Do you want me to review those boxes too?

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  1. Val

    Thanks for sharing! It looks very interesting, and the photos really add to your review. Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Shelli Post author

      Thanks, Val. Glad you liked the photos :) Reviews of the next one as soon as I receive it! Have a great day, and thanks for reading.

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