Aviation Geek? You Need to Check Out Skift’s History of Online Travel

Skift means “Shift” or “Transformation” in Nordic Languages. Skift is also the name of a company that provides media and marketing to the travel industry. They also have a lot to say about global travel industry news and trends. They launched in 2012 and though I don’t follow them and what they’re up to very often, I did come across a podcast I found interesting. I enjoy history, so for me the story called The History of Online Travel was well worth a listen. Dennis Schaal, Skift’s news editor, interviewed more than two dozen people who were instrumental to the early days of online booking. These online travel pioneers whose names and businesses you’ll recognize gave him more than 24 hours of interviews that created this 30 minute podcast. You can also read the interviews here.

Do you follow Skift and their insights and analysis of the global travel industry? Do you enjoy this sort of podcast? Grant has 2 Podcast Picks: Abroaders (Travel Hackers) & How I Built This (SWA Founder Herb Kelleher Interview). What are some of the travel related podcasts you listen to?

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