Do you use the Hopper App? New Feature Just Added!

Do you know about Hopper? It is an app available for both iPhones and Android phones, and it does a great job of finding low-priced fares and also of predicting if airfares will increase or decrease between when you researched fares and when you plan to travel. It’s not a website, though. It’s only an app.

Their newest venture is predicting if hotel room rates will rise or fall, too. Initially they are trying this with New York City hotels. If successful, they’ll roll it out to other cities as well. Part of their hotel service is sending their own people to every hotel to provide a truly consistent and fair rating/review of each hotel. You can read the write-up about Hopper here. Sounds like a great idea if they can get this up and running well. Are you a Hopper fan? Are you going to try this in NYC and see how it works? Let me know!

7 thoughts on “Do you use the Hopper App? New Feature Just Added!

  1. henry LAX

    LOVE the hopper app. so far I’ve already made multiple flight bookings when I got their price-drop notifications.

  2. Marty

    Looks like a good app, but HOPPER won’t let me use the same date for outbound and return flights, which is exactly what I need (early morning outbound, late evening return on the same date). The developer of the app should be notified.

    1. Shelli Post author

      That sounds like something the app developer definitely needs to address. Hope they read this blog post! Thanks for letting us know about this glitch, Marty.

  3. Waylo

    Waylo is world’s first hotel price prediction app. Waylo predicts hotel room rates in 120 cities around the world and allows you to book it at the predicted price

  4. fix hopper please

    hopper should allow you to deselect airlines such as low cost carriers like spirit because the fares are not apples to apples. spirit should not be allowed to dominate results if half the population wouldn’t take them.

    i.e. settings- exclude these airlines from your alerts…

    otherwise hopper is awesome!!!


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