Expecting an Ebates Big Fat Check? Get up to a 15% Bonus with an eGift Card Instead!

Good evening everyone.  If you are expecting a Q3 Big Fat Check from Ebates, be on the look out for an email with the subject line “Cash Back Update: We’re Processing Your Big Fat Check” from the email address “ebatesmemberservices@mail.ebates.com.”  If you get that email, you can receive your cash back in the form of an egift card instantly and you will get up to a 15% bonus.  For example, if you earned $100 cash back in Q3, you could receive an egift card up to $115.  That’s pretty good, but what kind of egift cards are available?  That is a great question…

After I clicked on the link in the email, I saw 32 merchants with bonus amounts ranging from 0% bonus (Walmart – boo) to 15% bonus.

To simplify the egift card bonus amounts, here are the bonus amounts sorted by bonus percentage (left table) and alphabetically by merchant name (right table).  A few merchants that interest me are Best Buy (10% bonus), Dell Consumer (10% bonus), GameStop (10% bonus), and Groupon (10% bonus).  I have a few days to decide if I want an egift card, otherwise I will receive my Big Fat Check next week.  I’ll talk to my girlfriend and decide if any of these egift cards would work for us.

Did you receive this email from Ebates?  Will you pick an egift card or wait and receive your standard Big Fat Check?  Lastly, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. If you are not earning cash back with Ebates, click here to create a free account.  You will get a $10 bonus after you make your first qualifying purchase of $25 or more.  Happy shopping!

13 thoughts on “Expecting an Ebates Big Fat Check? Get up to a 15% Bonus with an eGift Card Instead!

  1. phil

    Two questions:
    1: Do the Ebates paychecks have the monopoly man on them, I assume you get direct deposit so do the pay stub have the monopoly guy on them?

    2: Do you get a bonus for converting people away from the checks?

    1. Grant Post author

      Haha, great questions. I do get direct deposit and view my paystub on WorkDay. Unfortunately, there is no Monopoly Man (his name is Max Cash, btw) on the paystubs. I have no financial motive to have people sign up for an egift card. Only certain members are even eligible for egift cards.

      1. Phil

        He has a name, and a clever one at that… learned something new today. I’m still going to call him the monopoly man though.

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  3. Nick

    It’s a bit strange because they were trying to get people to switch to paper checks from PayPal, indicating surprises (including bonuses) could come with the check. Now they want people to go from checks to gift cards.

    1. Grant Post author

      Ebates is trying different payment options to give their members choices on how they want to be paid. I think most people still receive a check.

      1. T

        Can the bonus be cash out in increments? For example instead of $112 or some weird number I select up to $100 (including the bonus) to cash out to Best Buy or Gamestop and then take out the rest of the loose change as cash back?

  4. Marcy

    its hardly an actual bonus when you consider that you could use your ebates check to purchase anything through ebates again and get about the same back without tying up your funds.


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