Amazon eGift Card Winners Announced for my Veteran’s Day Weekend Giveaway

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great Veteran’s Day Weekend.  Sorry for the delay, but I have selected the winners for the 5 $10 Amazon eGift Cards.  Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the giveaway post.  I wish I could have picked everyone, but here are my 5 favorite comments, sorted chronologically.  If you are a winner, check your email (and spam) for your Amazon eGift Card.  Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.

Mrah i take care of a 500 acre property (and ~40~ yr old horse!!) in northern GA and have recently met an older couple in my area while out on a bike ride. when i last ran into them, they sheepishly asked what i was doing this weekend. i didn’t have plans. but. now i have plans. i’m helping them out with some yard work that for someone like me ain’t nuthin’ but for them is a big sumthin’!
they said they would like to pay me. i said, “sure, as long as it’s precisely and exactly $0.00!!” they laughed. and we shook hands.
Liz Sounds like a fun weekend!
I am attending a game night – I’m in a Meetup for board games, and a friend from that is having his own board game party. Will also see Murder on the Orient Express, with my boyfriend, and grab lunch that Sunday.
Anna Haha! Also in San Diego this weekend! At the Hyatt Mission Bay on an Award night. Will go to Sea World (it always honors veterans). Also, going to see Megan Leavey (about a soldier and her military dog). Because I love dogs. And it’s a German shepherd. And it’s Veteran’s Day weekend.
Swisspotluck I will drive down to visit my parents and we will go out to eat at their favorite restaurant. After the restaurant we will head to Starbucks and he gets his free Veteran’s Coffee. When we are tucked away at our table and chatting, I give him a handmade Veteran’s Day card. He was in the Air Force and went through the Russian language program at Syracuse. He was stationed near the North Sea and used to listen to Russian Radio transmissions for anything alarming. In respect to his particular job in the military, I always write the text in the card in Cyrillic. I use some true easy Russian words, but the rest is just English words transliterated into Cyrillic text. He doesn’t remember much Russian after 50 years, but still knows Cyrillic)
Lori The local aquarium offers free admission for veterans and spouses and we could use a free car wash.
My husband is an OEF/OIF veteran and usually spends the weekend talking to his buddies. I would love for us to travel to Washington DC over Veteran’s Day weekend as I have the points and miles, but he is not comfortable traveling/flying as of yet.

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