Part 3: My Hyatt Concierge Saga Conclusion

Looks like this is the third and final part of my Hyatt Concierge story. You might recall that the last time I contacted Hyatt, I requested a new concierge and was told someone from upper management would contact me. This past Wednesday evening, I received a call from Hyatt. The initial call didn’t go so well.

I spoke with Anna, whose title is Service Community Lead, and she assured me she was indeed a manager. I could tell from what she said that she hadn’t looked at any of the email exchanges I had with my concierge. I found this weird. Except for what the supervisor I spoke with in my previous call told her, she really did not know what had happened and why my frustration led me to request a new concierge. Maybe it’s me, but this made no sense. How do you resolve something without knowing what happened? And she hadn’t spoken to my concierge, who is one of her team members. I respectfully requested that she review the email exchange between my concierge and me. Anna agreed and said she’d call me back in an hour.

She called back and then we were able to have a good relevant conversation. Anna easily acknowledged that even if the DUSA code wasn’t working when my concierge used it, my concierge had other resources she could use to check for codes/promotions/offers. This was the bottom line, so I felt like Anna understood my frustration and request for another concierge. Anna had spoken with her department heads and assured me they’d assign me another concierge. My new concierge would call and email me the next day.

I did find out interesting information about Hyatt’s My Concierge Program. As you may know, it’s a newer program. They started with only 4 concierges. As Hyatt expanded who qualified for a concierge, they hired more concierges, bringing their total to 14. Some Hyatt members contact their concierges a few times a week and others maybe once a month, so it’s a challenge to know the sweet spot for how many concierges they need on staff. The most popular reasons members contact their concierges are when they have reservation issues, issues at Hyatt hotels, or to arange something for a special occasion.

My new concierge did contact me and we talked by phone. This “get acquainted” call went well. She has worked for Hyatt for 12 years and in many different capacities. Her two favorite Hyatts she’s stayed at are the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris, and the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek, Colorado. She told me that many members call their concierges for help researching and narrowing down possible hotel choices in different locations. I found this interesting and my concierge said those kinds of projects are fun for the concierges.

I did not ask for, but did receive 30,000 Hyatt points as an apology. I appreciate the gesture and will put them to good use. Hyatt can sometimes be slow to respond, but in the end, I’m fine with how it got resolved. My frustration and request were acknowledged. So that’s the ending to the story. Thanks for reading, and for all the good ideas about how to handle this Park Hyatt booking code. TWG readers are the best!

5 thoughts on “Part 3: My Hyatt Concierge Saga Conclusion

  1. pam

    i was also assigned a concierge and received a long and gushing note from “Nick” addressed to “Dear Guest.” I responded to him and signed off “The Guest.” Haven’t heard back, lol

  2. Shelli Post author

    HI Pam, Hopefully when you need help from Nick, he’ll be there for you. Certainly clumsy in how they’re handling this. Thanks for reading!

  3. Richard

    Last two times I’ve email my concierge I haven’t even gotten a response. Looks like I’ll be going the same route as you.

    1. Shelli Post author

      HI Richard, Definitely ask for a new concierge. Very frustrating. Getting no response makes no sense. If management doesn’t hear what’s going on, Hyatt will never get this program running smoothly. Thanks for reading!

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