Get 3 Months Free with Backblaze Cloud-Based Backup (Ends January 13)

Updated 12pm PT on 1/9: Get 2018 off to a great start! Only four days left to get in on this offer. I like knowing my data is safely and securely backed-up, and Backblaze is the cloud-based system I use.

Maybe you can help me understand something I just don’t get, though I think there really is no answer that would make good sense to me. You see, I’m obsessive about backing up my computer! When I hear about the numbers of people who don’t use an automated backup solution, those statistics baffle me. Especially if you’re someone who travels. Last I read, less than 10% of computer owners use automated backup services on a regular basis.

And while I certainly can understand the confusion that sets in and leads to not being able to make a choice when you look at the automated backup solutions, at some point, you have to settle on one choice. I use Backblaze, and am very glad to recommend them to anyone who asks. I’m thrilled that they are offering a great bonus so you can get on the Backblaze bandwagon! Here’s the deal: you’ll get your trial month free and then if you purchase the monthly or yearly plan, you’ll get 3 bonus months of cloud-based backup as well. That’s four months free. I’ll get 3 months bonus as well when you use my refer-a-friend link!

I favor Backblaze because it sets up easily and then it’s a no-brainer because it seamlessly works in the background. It has other tech advantages too in terms of its storage limits, ease of working with your external hard drives, and reasonable price. I haven’t had to retrieve any data, though I have used their online chat services and that went smoothly.

As someone who travels often, I feel much better knowing that Backblaze is always running on my computer, backing up whatever new data I add. If you’ve been putting off either choosing or using cloud-based backup, with this bonus offer, it’s a great time to get started.

Here’s what Backblaze has to say:

  Sit back and relax
It is normal for an initial backup to take a few days or weeks to complete. Most high-speed Internet connections can backup 2 – 4 GB per day. You can turn off your computer and Backblaze will resume where it left off when your computer is on and connected again.
  Backup all data
Notice how easy it was to get setup? Backblaze ensures you do not have to worry about backups because we do not make you pick and choose what needs to be backed up – we do it all.
  Find your computer
Computer lost or stolen? Backblaze will track it on a map and help recover it.
  We are here to help
We love Backblaze’s design, but we hope it’s so transparent that you forget all about it – until you have a computer issue and need to restore some files. If you ever need help along the way, just ask.

So if you’re one of the many who aren’t using an automated backup like Backblaze, do yourself a favor and get started now. You have nothing to lose… especially not your data :) If you have any questions, let me know. And thanks for using my refer-a-friend link!

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  1. Tonei Glavinic

    I love Backblaze! I don’t know if there’s a referral cap, but if there is let me know and I’ll drop my referral link in after you ;)


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