Mr. Money Mustache Drove for Uber; the Results Don’t Add Up

Do you think Uber drivers actually earn much money? Every now and again, since we first started writing about all the Uber ins and outs, I share stories about Uber that I find worth reading. I want to keep you in the know, so here’s my latest find from Mr. Money Mustache. I think you’ll find it as fascinating a glimpse into the backstory of driving for Uber as I did.

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Money Mustache Drove for Uber; the Results Don’t Add Up

  1. Mike L

    For the most part, driving Uber is a scam. Hyundai in my area was giving $1,000 additional incentive to Uber drivers, which is why I signed up before buying my new car. I experimented for a couple months before coming to the conclusion that the only worthwhile thing about driving for Uber is the destination filter. When I’m going anywhere 10+ minutes away, I’ll turn on the destination filter and sometimes get a rider.

    1. Shelli Post author

      HI Mike, Thanks for your comment. Interesting insider observation. Good to know for those who choose to that there are specific ways and times to benefit from driving for Uber. I’m not an Uber user. As a business person I do find the topic interesting, though. Thanks for reading!

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