Giveaway: 4 of my Favorite New Travel Products

I’m always on the lookout for new travel products, and I’ve found some really cool ones during the beginning of 2018 in preparation for my first BIG trip of the year – I’m going to Russia on March 20 to take the Trans Siberian train! In celebration of getting ready to go, I’m giving away four of my new favorite travel products. Actually, one of them isn’t ‘new’ exactly, but it’s a time-old classic that I can’t travel without! The giveaway runs until the clock strikes midnight on March 17 (Eastern Time). One winner will be chosen for all of these awesome goodies. Good luck!

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Here’s what you can win!

1. Tile Style

I try not to lose things while I’m traveling, and Tile really helps! Plus the new ‘Style’ version of the tile just looks so much better than the older version! I have a tile hooked onto my keys because I sometimes can’t remember which bag I put them in, and instead of digging through everything when I get home, I can just ring the tile and know exactly where they are. This also comes in handy when I’m at home and put my keys somewhere weird!

2. The Time-Old Classic… Amenity Kits!

I love amenity kits because they help me keep everything organized. Instead of having all of my charging cables floating around in my backpack, I put them in an amenity kit. All that GoPro stuff that I carry along for scuba diving? Yup, you got it. Amenity kit. I seriously can’t get enough of these, and as I get better and better ones, I like to upgrade! The giveaway’s amenity kit comes to you from Saudia. I flew them in business class in October 2017, and even though they’re a dry airline, it was a pretty pleasant experience!

3. Green Traveler

I didn’t find out about this guy until after their successful Kickstarter campaign, but it’s made transporting food so much easier! I use the Green Traveler for skiing, hiking, and yes, traveling! I think it will really come in handy on the Trans Siberian because we can get some delicious food during our stops and put it away for later!

4. Handzies

Handzies are natural soap and water hand wipes. I’m not normally a super clean-freak. Simple hand-washing will typically do. However, I know that the Trans Siberian isn’t likely to be the cleanest experience of my life. We have multiple nights in a row on the train and surely some gross bathrooms (especially considering we’re taking part of the train in 3rd class for a truly authentic experience). I knew that I needed some things that were going to make me feel cleaner, so that means I’m carrying some hand-wipes along! Better yet, Handzies come in a delicious tangerine scent.

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  1. YoLaViajera

    Love amenity kits and I use them exactly the same way! Thanks for the giveaway and safe travels through Russia.


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