PSA: Follow up on Missing AMEX Offer Statement Credits (Especially MGM Offer)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  A few months ago, my girlfriend and I went to Lost Wages Las Vegas and stayed at the beautiful Bellagio hotel.  We even upgraded to a fountain view room with amazing views of the Bellagio fountains.  I booked this specific hotel because Bellagio is part of MGM, and there was an AMEX Offer for $50 off $250 at MGM properties.  That AMEX Offer expired on January 8, but there are similar MGM AMEX Offers currently running (see the 2 AMEX Offers at the bottom of this post).  Long story short, I paid for the stay before the AMEX Offer expired, but the $50 statement credit never posted.  After waiting for more than 2 months, I called AMEX and they were able to manually add the $50 statement credit to my account.  Here is the MGM AMEX Offer that I was enrolled in:

After checking into the Bellagio on Friday night (January 5), I received the automated “Thanks for using your enrolled AMEX card linked to this AMEX Offer” email.

We checked out Sunday afternoon (January 7) and the Bellagio purchase posted to my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card on the same day.  I thought all was good, or so I thought…

Fast forward 2 months and my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card March statement closed. Still no $50 statement credit.  I was tired of waiting, so I called American Express, explained the situation, and was then transferred to the “technical team.”  After explaining the situation again, the agent looked at the transaction dates and immediately saw what I was talking about.  Minutes later, he said the $50 statement credit would appear on my card within the next 2-3 business days.  Like clockwork, the $50 statement credit appeared 2 days later.  I didn’t ask for any compensation and the AMEX rep did not offer any type of compensation either.  I was just glad the $50 statement credit was finally credited to my account.

If you are interested in staying in Las Vegas, there are at least 2 AMEX Offers currently running for MGM.  I found these offers on a few of my AMEX cards.  You must make a qualifying purchase by April 24.  After these offers expire, I am sure there will be other MGM AMEX Offers available too.

If you have any questions about the MGM AMEX Offer or a general question about AMEX Offers, please leave a comment below. Have great day everyone!

5 thoughts on “PSA: Follow up on Missing AMEX Offer Statement Credits (Especially MGM Offer)

  1. Kathy

    I want to book a 2 night weekend stay. Booking direct on MGM (Mlife) website requires a partial advance deposit. I am registered for the AMEX offer. However, based on this reservation process, $150 will be billed now toward the deposit and the balance of $175 will be billed at the time of checkout. How will this trigger the $300 amex offer if it is split separately? Any data points?

    1. Norman

      This happened to me, but on a Hilton hotel offer in AMEX. I paid a deposit equal to one night room rate. I paid the balance at check out, believing i met the min spend on the AMEX offer (including the deposit). No dice, did not get the credit. From now on, i make sure i meet the minimum spend on one card swipe (and make sure I get the automated email saying you I used my Amex offer)

  2. r m a h

    nice work on staying with it and following up….and….not trying to go above and beyond (though you probably could have!).


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