I Just Discovered Another Travel Agent Super Power

I recently read about a Super Power that some travel agents possess! Don’t you hate it that some airlines make it difficult and near impossible to get preassigned seats? I know many travelers simply won’t fly these airlines, preferring instead to choose airlines where you can (even for a fee) have a preassigned seat.

Ah yes, that superpower. I read that when it is difficult to get preassigned seats, some travel agents and agencies, particularly Virtuoso agents, have access to seat assignments on these airlines that are not available to ordinary travelers. Good deal all around for both the travelers and agents.

In an article I wrote about the current best use of travel agents, the agent I interviewed (who also happens to be my cousin), and I never spoke about this superpower, so I emailed her to make sure this special service was indeed for real. I asked her point blank if this ability to get seats that we can’t get when we book our tickets is indeed possible, and was it a service she provided? She replied, “That is true. I do it all the time and forgot that not everyone, travelers nor other agents, has access like we Virtuoso agents do. There’s other stuff we do that can’t be publicized, so I didn’t mention them, either. But definitely worth booking with me to find out!”

So that’s my update and another reason you might want to consider talking with a travel agent. Especially for international travel, and itineraries with multiple stops, a skilled travel agent can get you a ticket that gives you great flexibility, a good fare, and now even a preassigned seat!

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