7 New Features / Improvements Coming Soon to Sinemia

Good afternoon everyone.  Sinemia just sent out an email to all members with the title, “We Have Lots of Great News for You! Check Out Sinemia’s New Features.”  I copied and pasted the 7 new features / improvements coming soon to Sinemia and added my thoughts below.  Let’s get started!

1 – You asked for it! Physical cards are back and they are more secure than ever

Sinemia is bringing back the physical cards. You will be able to order yours by next week. Physical card owners can avoid all online ticket fees by using Sinemia card at the box office.

TWG: I joined Sinemia a few months ago, so I have only ever used the Sinemia Cardless advance ticket purchase feature.  I look forward to using a physical card to purchase movie tickets at the movie theater.

2 – You will now have your own dedicated Sinemia Cardless

With Sinemia Cardless you will now have your own personal Sinemia Cardless information saved and it will remain the same for each transaction. This feature will not only make the ticket purchases much more easy, but you will now also be able to use the same saved card for advance tickets as well.

TWG: This is good news, but I don’t know how often I will use Sinemia Cardless going forward if I have a physical card.

3 – We made a conscious effort to eliminate ticket purchase errors

In rare cases, you received payment errors and it required you to try to finalize the purchase more than once. The new personal Sinemia Cardless will decrease these payment errors and declines dramatically. You will enjoy a much smoother ticket purchasing experience.

TWG: I have never had a ticket purchase error, but fixing errors before they happen is good news.

4 – Now we will have faster Customer Support and fewer Customer Issues

We not only increased our customer support department, but with these new features, our focus is to prevent customer issues in the first place before they occur. Our biggest priority is to address customer support issues before they happen.

TWG: Sinemia has a pretty good Help / FAQ section, but faster customer service is always appreciated.

5 – No more switching apps to purchase movie tickets at over 40 movie chains and growing

We have integrated directly with various third party providers and have successfully integrated with over 40 movie theater chains nationwide so that you can buy your tickets faster and easier with a smoother experience. This new feature will be available in December. Our team is working on adding more and more movie theaters continuously.

TWG: This is good news, but I don’t know how often I will use Sinemia Cardless going forward if I have a physical card.

6 – Now you can check your billing date in the Sinemia App

We’re updating the Sinemia app with all new features. In this new version, under your account information, you will be able to see your next billing date within the app. It will appear within the next few weeks.

TWG: This should have been built into the app from day 1, but better late than never.

7 – And finally, now you can see how many tickets used for that month right in your app

In the new Sinemia app, you will also be able to see how many movie tickets you have used for the month as well as how many remaining movie tickets you have left in your current month.

TWG: This should have been built into the app from day 1, but better late than never.

Sinemia states that all of these new features / improvements will be added by December.  No date in December is listed, but I assume these features will be added gradually throughout the month.  Sinemia is also working on other projects, including lowering subscription costs even more.  I’m not sure how that is even possible since Sinemia just launched weekday only plans that are really cheap. I look forward to seeing these new features / improvements available online and in the app.  I will write a future post regarding the physical card, when that becomes available.

If you are not a Sinemia member yet, it sounds like now is a great time to get on board.  You can also gift Sinemia to friends or family :)  If you have any questions about Sinemia, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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