Earn an Easy $50 with Swell Investing

I know we all love the chance to make a little bit of easy money, and Swell Investing makes it almost as easy as it gets with their $50 sign-up bonus (my affiliate link, thanks for your support!). In order to qualify for your $50 bonus, you simply have to sign-up and make a $50 investment. New members must remain investors for at least 60 days before the payout will occur, but there are no additional requirements. Once you’re signed up with Swell, you’ll also have the ability to refer friends & family to the program and earn even more. For every three people that sign-up, you’ll earn $100. You can refer a maximum of 18 people, which would mean $600 in referral bonuses! Not bad for getting a few people to sign-up.

Now, in terms of investing will Swell beyond the bonus. It’s probably not the best place to put your money, but it is interesting. Swell offers seven different portfolios that you can choose to invest in. All of them have to do with making the world a better place. You can choose where you want to put your money between these portfolios, and mix them any way you want. Every company that is included in one of Swell’s portfolios must have revenues in alignment with one of the 17  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Swell’s fees equate to 0.75% per year. You can definitely find lower out there, but it’s not bad. I’m not sure if I’ll be investing with Swell long term, but I definitely think the sign-up bonus is great! I’ll see how my small investment performs over a couple of months and then decide how I want to proceed. Have you considered using Swell before?

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