Heading To Europe? You’ll Need A Brexicon!

It’s always good to know at least a few words in the local language of our destinations, don’t you think? Right now we can’t help but catch the news about Brexit. No matter how you feel about whether or not it’s a good or less good happening, and especially if you’ll be traveling to Europe soon, this Brexicon will come in handy.

Brexicon: a combination of Brexit and lexicon. Apparently, lots of new words have been coined that we need to understand or the stories about Brexit in the press won’t make much sense to us. Take a look at this article and you’ll see what I mean!

2 thoughts on “Heading To Europe? You’ll Need A Brexicon!

  1. NB

    If visiting in the near future you’ll likely need an Elexticon as well as there will almost certainly be a leadership election in the Conservative Party for a new leader, and thus Prime Minister, and quite likely a new referendum and/or General Election.


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