Sell Your eBay Items Faster! Send Offers to Buyers Watching your Items

Good afternoon everyone.  A few weeks ago, Vihn at Miles Per Day wrote an article called Ebay adds the ability to edit prices and quantities to all active listings on one page.  I have been using that repricing feature for several weeks and thought all eBay sellers were aware of that feature, but apparently not.  I have also been using a new eBay selling feature where you can send offers to buyers who are watching your eBay items.  Historically, only eBay buyers could make offers to eBay sellers, not the other way around.  It looks like eBay is experimenting with this new feature.  I haven’t had great success (maybe eBay buyers are unfamiliar with this new feature or the offers I made are not attractive enough to eBay buyers – I don’t know).  But I will show you how to send eBay offers to buyers watching your items.  Sign into your eBay account, click on the Listings tab, and then click on Active (to view all active eBay listings).

Next to Show Eligibility, you should see Promoted Listings, Offer to Buyers, and None.  Select the Offer to Buyers radial button.  As you can see, this item has 1 watcher and I see a message that says Send Offer to Buyers.  I clicked the Send Offer to Buyers link.

The current Buy It Not price is $27.99, but I decided to offer the buyer $24.99.  If you have multiple watchers, you can send the same offer to multiple watchers at the same time.  The eBay system is smart enough to know that if you have multiple watchers but only 1 item for sale, the first watcher who accepts your offer will trigger the other offers to automatically decline, therefore you will not sell more items than you have available.  You can also enter a note like “Free shipping from San Francisco” or “Thank you.”  Then I clicked the Send Offer to Buyer button.

After your offer is sent, you can view / manage your offers by clicking the Manage Your Offers link.

On this page, I can see all offers that I have sent and received for this specific item.

Lastly, when I go back to my active listings and select the Offer to buyers radial button, I can only review my sent offers, but I cannot send any new offers since the number of watchers is the same.  If I had a new watcher, I could send them an offer.

I am not a very patient person, so when I see someone who is watching my eBay items, I assume they like the item but the price is too high.  I’m not sure why they don’t send me an offer, so I like the option to send them an offer.  I haven’t had great success with the offers (the watchers do not decline, accept, or counter my offer), so I assume they don’t see the offer in time (the watcher only has 48 hours to make a move on the offer).

If you have any questions about sending offers to buyers watching your eBay items, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Sell Your eBay Items Faster! Send Offers to Buyers Watching your Items

  1. Clive

    Awesome! I didn’t even know this existed. This has literally saved me hours worth of work sending one offer at a time. Cheers for the info :D

  2. Doug Haywood

    As a buyer, I have seen this offer show up on my end most recently. I have not taken the few offers i have gotten due to the price being too high for me at that time, but I feel it is a great feature. By me watching, I am hoping the seller knows that I have an interest in their item, but in my view it is still over priced. I did this just today and saw that no one bought the item. I am hoping that the seller will come down a bit more the next time they list the item. Now, a buyer can let me know through this method that he is willing to discount a bit to seal the deal.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Doug, thanks for sharing your experience. In most cases, the buyer had the option to counter the offer with their own offer. So the next time you receive an offer that is too high, counter with a price that is more fair for you. Good luck :)


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