How to Renew your Global Entry Card & Membership Online ($100 Fee Every 5 Years)

Good morning everyone.  A few years ago, I wrote how to sign up for Global Entry, and now I am writing about how to renew your Global Entry membership (most of the process is the same).  I didn’t know my Global Entry membership was expiring in November 2019 until I received this email from Global Entry with the cryptic subject line “Program Expiry”.  I have several credit cards that reimburse the $100 fee for Global Entry (including my Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card), so it was a no brainer to renew my Global Entry membership.  To get started, I went to the Trusted Travel Program website.

I clicked the Log In button at the top of the page.  If you haven’t logged into your Global Entry account in several years, you will probably need to Create Account to Log into Global Entry / TSA PreCheck Dashboard.

After signing into my Global Entry account, I see a message stating that my Global Entry membership is expiring in less than a year.  I also learned that I could renew my Global Entry membership anytime after November 2018.  To get started, I clicked the Renew Membership button.

I then selected that I am a US Citizen, selected Global Entry, and then clicked the Next button.

This screen says that a background check and an interview will be required (but I did not need to go in for an interview for the renewal).  I then clicked the Apply for Global Entry button.

For the Global Entry renewal process, all of the information that was originally inputted is still there, but some of the info is old and needs to be updated.  I then clicked the Next button to continue.

As you can see, there are 7 errors on my application.  I went through each section and updated the necessary information.

After updating all the necessary sections, I was ready to proceed.  I clicked the Save & Continue button.

I clicked the circle to certify that all the information was accurate and truthful.  Then I clicked the Next button.

The Global Entry renewal fee is $100 and I clicked the Pay Now button.

I wanted to use my Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card to pay the renewal fee, so I clicked that circle and then clicked the Continue button.

I filled in my billing information and credit card number, then clicked the Continue button.

I verified all the information, checked the box, and clicked the Continue button.

I was then brought back to the Global Entry Dashboard that showed my payment was accepted and my application was submitted.  It showed that my application for Global Entry was now pending review.  I then clicked the View Payment Receipt link.

I saved a copy of the payment receipt until I heard back from Global Entry.

I also received an email from Chase regarding the $100 Global Entry renewal fee.

A few days after the $100 Global Entry renewal fee was charged, I logged into my Chase online account and viewed my recent transactions on my Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card.  There I could see the $100 charge and $100 credit for Global Entry.

1-2 weeks later, my new Global Entry card arrived in the mail.  I had not received any email that my renewal was approved or anything.

I also received a protective sleeve and information about the Global Entry card.

Here is the front and back of my new Global Entry card.  My new Global Entry card is valid until November 2024.  My Trusted Traveler Number (TSA PreCheck number) did not change.

I then went back to the Trusted Traveler Program website and signed into my Global Entry account.  I submitted my renewal on June 3 and it looks like I was approved on June 8, so the renewal process only took 5 days.  I clicked the Approval Notification link to view the message.

I originally did my Global Entry interview in Seattle (right before a Frequent Traveler University conference), so the letter came from the same Global Entry location.  As soon as my renewal was approved, I could start using my new membership.

Back at my Global Entry Dashboard, I clicked the Activate Membership Card button.

I entered the Security Code on the back of my Global Entry card and clicked the Activate Card button.

Sweet!  My Global Entry card was activated.

Back at my Global Entry Dashboard, my new Global Entry card was activated and is valid through November 2024.  As a reminder, the Global Entry card is only useful for land crossings from the United States to Canada and Mexico, you cannot use the Global Entry card for airplane travel.

I will return to this blog post in 4 years to go through the same renewal process.  If you have any questions about renewing your Global Entry membership, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

17 thoughts on “How to Renew your Global Entry Card & Membership Online ($100 Fee Every 5 Years)

  1. Andy C

    Thanks for this, can’t see from the shots but is it just for US citizens, or can Non-US GE holders also renew this way (without interview).? Thanks

    1. Grant Post author

      I’m not 100% sure, but if you were able to sign up for Global Entry before, you should be able to renew this way, assuming you haven’t had any issues with Global Entry during your membership period.

      If you do renew online, please share your experience. Thank you.

  2. diane kirschenbaum

    Hello. We use our global entry when flying out of Pearson( Toronto) to the US all the time US customs is at that airport

    1. Grant Post author

      I believe several Canadian airports let you clear customs in Canada before flying to the USA. That is a great feature :)

  3. Andres

    I am impressed how quickly you received your renewal. I applied towards the end of June and it is still going through the process. I have heard it can take up to 11 or 12 weeks.

    1. Grant Post author

      I guess I got lucky. I’ve used my Global Entry membership at least twice every year I’ve had it and traveled to several countries. What Global Entry location did you do your interview at?

    2. Frank N.

      Both my wife and I applied for renewal in March. My wife’s application was approved in 2 weeks but mine is still under review. That does not make sense at all to me. Hopefully my application will get approved before February which is it’s expiration date.

      1. Grant Post author

        That is very strange. Have you traveled to a lot more countries than your wife during your current Global Entry membership period?

        1. Frank N.

          Yes I travel internationally on a regular basis. However, I was never so much as questioned or stopped for any violation during the last 5 years. So I am baffled.

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  6. techauthor

    My wife missed the renewal email and we found out the hard way that the end date had passed. She went to the same site you described and asked to renew and we are still waiting (2 months, now).

    We have a trip to France Sept 1, and we are hoping that they get it done before then. If not, we’ll go for mobile passport. for her

    1. Grant Post author

      You can also do Global Entry on arrival, that might be possible. That’s a bummer she missed the renewal email. It can be easy to miss.

  7. Derek

    You got very lucky. I’m renewing mine this year (mines expires in Dec). To get a jump on things (since I live in a area where the closest enrollment center is a 2 hour drive) I applied for renewal in January. I didn’t get conditionally approved until April and I didn’t get an email letting me know. Due to a work trip cancellation I had to try to find another location and many are unavailable. Even worse, when trying to call or get information people are less than helpful.

    I was in Detroit in last month for work and due to work meetings I couldn’t schedule but thought I would wait after work in the office. You can schedule online until about 6 pm ish but no one is around after 4:30 pm (makes no sense). I’ve had nothing but trouble this year as opposed to when I first signed up several years ago.

    Automatic approval would have been lovely.

    1. Grant Post author

      Dang, that’s quite the hassle to renew your Global Entry. I wish I knew a way to make your experience better. Just keep checking to see if appointment spots open up. You might also be able to do Global Entry on Arrival, if you are flying internationally before December.

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