My Experience Booking Vacasa Vacation Rentals with Wyndham Rewards Points

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few weeks ago, Greg the Frequent Miler wrote 2 great articles about using Wyndham Rewards Points to book Vacasa vacation rentals (article 1 and article 2).  I wanted to provide my experience booking 2 Vacasa vacation rentals, so I followed the 4 steps that Greg laid out in the second article:

How to book Vacasa Vacation Rentals with Wyndham points

Here’s the step by step process that I recommend:

    1. Start your search here:
      This link filters to a maximum of 1 bedroom. If you want more than 1 bedroom, change the filter, but keep in mind that 2 bedroom units cost twice as many points.
    2. Use the Vacasa website to find properties that are available for cash rates for your dates of interest. I recommend finding at least three options that would work for you, if possible.
    3. Email Wyndham to inquire about those properties and dates, here: OR call: (506) 646-2943
    4. Put a reminder on your calendar 31 days or more before your stay to remind you to cancel if it doesn’t look like the stay will work out. Bookings are non-refundable within 30 days.

I have an upcoming trip to Kauai this summer, so I used the Vacasa search tool to see what properties were available for the dates of my trip.  The dates in this post are just example dates and not the real dates I booked.  For a 2 night stay from July 1-3, there were 36 rentals on Kauai.  I wanted to stay in the Princeville area on the north side of the island, so I clicked the 15 number to zoom into those properties.

Here are the 15 rentals in the Princeville area.  If you see a dark blue/gray house, that means there is 1 property available for your dates.  If you see a light gray house, that means that property is unavailable for your dates.  If you see a number, that means there are several properties close by and you will need to click the number to zoom into that area to see which of those properties are available for your dates.

I really liked the location of the property overlooking the beach and coast, so I clicked on the dark blue/gray house to see the name of the property.  To learn more about the property, click the name of the property (SeaLodge H6).

Each rental has a dedicated page and you can look through several photos of the property and even do a virtual tour of the property.  If you were paying cash for this stay, the total price would be $880.70, or $440 per night.

Here is the breakdown of the cost, but since you plan on paying with Wyndham Rewards Points, the cost of the stay doesn’t matter.

I ran a second search on Kauai for another 2 night stay from July 6-8 and there were 36 rentals on Kauai.  This time, I wanted to stay near the south side of the island, so I clicked the number 4 to zoom into those properties.

Of the 4 properties on the south side of the island, 1 was by itself and unavailable and 3 were close together.  I clicked the number 3 to zoom into those properties.

Of those 3 properties, only 1 property was available for the dates I selected.  To learn more about the property, click the name of the property (Manualoha 302).

Each rental has a dedicated page and you can look through several photos of the property and even do a virtual tour of the property.  If you were paying cash for this stay, the total price would be $816.32, or $408 per night.

Here is the breakdown of the cost, but since you plan on paying with Wyndham Rewards Points, the cost of the stay doesn’t matter.

After I found the properties that looked good and fit my date range, I contacted Wyndham Rewards to complete the reservation.  You can either email or call them at (506) 646-2943.  When I called the number, I told the rep that I wanted to book 2 Vacasa vacation rental properties and pay with my Wyndham Rewards Points.  I told the rep the location of the property, the name of the property, and the dates of the stay.  The rep appeared to fill out a form and send the request to a specific team / person who handles these requests.  If you would rather email Wyndham Rewards, fill out this form and email it to

Member name:
Member #:
Site Name:
Unit Number:
Number of Adults:
Number of Children:
Number of Bedrooms:
Arrival Date:
Departure Date:

Here is what a sample filled out form would look like for the first property in Princeville:

Member name: Grant Thomas
Member #: 1234567890G
Site Name: SeaLodge H6
City/State: Princeville, Hawaii
Unit Number: H6
Number of Adults: 2
Number of Children: 0
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Arrival Date: 01-Jul-2021
Departure Date: 03-Jul-2021

The next business day, I received this email response from Wyndham Rewards:

I am reaching out from Wyndham Rewards regarding your Vacasa request.

In reviewing the SeaLodge H6 – Princeville, HI (Listing 21094) location, they are showing as available for the requested dates 7/01/2021-7/03/2021. The property is a 1 bedroom location for 13,500 points per night (13,500 points, per bedroom, per night). To book for the full 2 nights it would be 27,000 points.

Vacasa properties do have a 30 day cancellation policy, for example with a check in date of 7/01/2021 you would need to cancel before 6/01/2021.

Please let me know if you would like to book or view any other locations.

Normally, Vacasa rentals cost 15,000 Wyndham Rewards Points per bedroom per night, but since I have the Barclays Wyndham Rewards Business Earner Credit Card, I get 10% off award stays which brings the cost down to 13,500 points per bedroom per night.

I confirmed the details in the email and responded to the email.  Shortly after that, I received this email confirmation:

I am happy to confirm your 2 reservations are now booked. You will receive your detailed Vacasa emails within the next 24hrs. In your second email from Vacasa this will contain a link that advises ‘view your trip’, click on this link to bring up your rental agreement.

SeaLodge H6 – Princeville, HI (Listing 21094)
7/01/2021 – 7/03/2021
Confirmation # 1234567
Cancellation: Before 6/01/2021
Points used: 27,000

Manualoha 302 – Poipu, HI (Listing 47086)
Confirmation # 2345678
Cancellation: Before 6/06/2021
Points used: 27,000

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The next day, I received these 2 confirmation emails from Vacasa.

I then signed into my Wyndham Rewards account and went to the My Activity page.  I can see 2 redemptions of 27,000 points.  If I add the cost of the 2 reservation $880.70 + $816.32 = $1,697.02 / 54,000 Wyndham Rewards Points (10% discount for cardholders) = 3.14 cents per point.  That is a great redemption for Wyndham Rewards Points :)

I then went to the My Reservations page, but I did not see any upcoming reservations.  I responded to the email to ask about the reservations and the response was, “The Vacasa reservation(s) will not show up in the upcoming reservations section at this time.”

I then created a Vacasa online account and was able to see both reservations online.  There is also an iOS app and an Android app if you want to view the reservations on your mobile device.

As long as you do the upfront work of finding Vacasa rentals that are available, the booking process is pretty simple.  Once the Wyndham Rewards team receives your email and verifies the availability, you just need to confirm the details via email.  The booking process is not instant, so please be patient and allow 1-2 business days for your reservation to be created.  If you have any questions about booking Vacasa vacation rentals, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

32 thoughts on “My Experience Booking Vacasa Vacation Rentals with Wyndham Rewards Points

  1. Brant

    Really great breakdown of the process Grant! Very informative. If you and your wife have never been to Kauai, you are going to love it. If you’ve already been to Kauai, you will also love it! I go often and this information will come in handy for sure! If you need any tips or advice about Kauai, let me know. It’s best to rent a car, by the way.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Brant, we went to Kauai back in 2018 and had a great time. We have wanted to go back as soon as we could. We have a rental car booked, but I would love to get any recommendations you have too. We are spending a few days in Kona before flying to Kauai.

        1. Grant Post author

          Hi ABC, my 2 rentals are with Hertz and are in the $250-$350 range. Autoslash was able to find some deals but the rates looked pretty expensive. Hopefully my rental cars are there when we arrive :)

      1. Kalei

        I can give you some great recommendations. Are you on twitter?
        I’m born and raised in Hawaii

        Also, had a question, I want to get the Capitol One card but I’m trying to get the Chase Preferred before then since I’m finally 4/24.

        If my Mom has Capitol One points, can she transfer it over to my Wyndham or can she book a reservation for me with her points? Or does she have to travel?

        1. Grant Post author

          Hi Kalei, yes I’m on Twitter @travelwithgrant. I would love some recommendations for the Big Island and Kauai, thank you.

          As for transferring Capital One points from one person to another, I do not have a Capital One CC, but I think there is a way to transfer points online or by calling Capital One. It’s probably easier to transfer Capital One points into your account and then to your Wyndham Rewards account and then book a Vacasa vacation rental.

          Please let me know if you have any questions :)

  2. escot

    Wow, Grant, between you and Greg, this Vacasa option is really encouraging. thanks for sharing in detail how the process worked for you — and for such a splendid destination. For starters, we’re thinking to try out various vacasa “cabin” properties around the great smoky mntn area.

    ps, You’re helping to change the way we perceive the whole wyndham rewards program…. :-) from bottom of the pack to near the top.

    1. Grant Post author

      The Vacasa redemptions are so much better than the budget hotels near airports that most people associate with Wyndham. Plus since it is such a new partnership, there should be lots of availability at the best Vacasa properties. Happy travels :)

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  6. Gene

    very interesting!
    have you had any success with using points for the “Wyndham Vacation Clubs” option on wyndham’s website (just above the caesars rewards option)?

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Gene, I’ve never used points for the Wyndham Vacation Clubs properties, but I did use points to book some Extra Holidays properties using Wyndham Rewards Points.


    Fine write-up, thank you! It appears you did have to pay ~$400 in fees and taxes?

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Jeffrey, nope, I didn’t have to pay any taxes when I booked with Wyndham Rewards Points. The 2 screen shots of the total prices is how much it would cost if you paid cash for the stays.

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  10. JY

    Hi another blog pointed out that Vacasa blocked out all point redemption for rentals above night average of $350. It appears you were able to book 2 nights with average above $400. Any insight?

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes, I read that Frequent Miler article too. I’m not sure what to say, other than maybe I booked my reservation early on before they started enforcing that rule. If you see a Vacasa property over $400 / night, see if you can book it. Good luck!

      1. John

        If I want to book a 2 bed room property and pay 30K points, does that have to be available for $350 too or can it go up to $700 because of redeeming 30K? If the $350 limit applies for 2 bedroom property too, then its really hard to find and not much value using 30K points for a $350 room

        1. Grant Post author

          Hi John, that is a great question. I’ve never tried to book a 2 bedroom Vacasa rental before so I’m not sure if there is a cap on the price. I would reach out to the Vacasa team and see if they can book it for you. Good luck!

    2. Brian

      The $350 limit, as I understand it, is the average BASE price for the stay. These stays Grant booked were over $400 once all associated taxes and fees were baked in. The average base prices were under $350.

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