More Barclays Business Credit Cards Bugs & Finance Charge / Interest Fee Errors

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few weeks ago, I wrote Barclays Business Credit Cards Now Visible on App & Website (Along with Bugs and Earner Grow Card).  Since then, there have been other issues / errors with Barclays: PSA: Check Barclays Accounts For Erroneous Foreign Transaction Fees and Some Barclays Wyndham Earner Business Cardholders Being Charged $149 Annual Fee (Should Be $95).  These seem to be growing pains for Barclays as they bring business credit cards onto their personal website and app platforms.  Unfortunately, it looks like I can add one more issue to the list: finance charge / interest fee errors.  Let me explain…

I received the following email regarding my Barclays Wyndham Rewards Business Earner Credit Card statement.  The amount was for $145.13 and payment was due on September 30.

Unfortunately, when I signed into my Barclays online account, I saw a $2.02 finance charge (interest fee).  I never miss a payment or pay my bill late, so I did some digging to find out what happened.

I went to the Activity / Statements tab and looked at transactions from the previous period: August 5, 2021.  There were no transactions for that statement period.

I then selected the current statement period of September 5, 2021.  I had my Arcadia electric payment from August 5 and the finance charge on September 5.  I’ve never seen a purchase and an interest fee on the same statement.  If I forgot to pay my bill on time and in full, I would expect to see that interest fee, but that was not the case.

I then went to the Activity / Statements tab and looked at the statements.  The drop down menu is confusing since it looks like there are statements from May 9, May 5, May 4, May 2, May 1, and July 12, 2020.  In reality, this is the European way of showing dates, so the dates are actually September 5, May 5, April 5, February 5, January 5, and December 12.

I selected the “05/09/21” (September 5) statement and the “05/05/21” (May 5) statement.  Between those dates, Barclays updated the logo, changed the return address, and shows different account numbers – the 97 is correct, I’m not sure where the 78 came from.

On the statement, it shows the Statement Closing Date of September 5, shows the purchase of $143.11 and the finance charge of $2.02.  There is also a note about points earned on transactions on/before August 15 not showing correctly.

On the second page of the statement, there is the $143.11 Arcadia purchase on August 5 and the $2.02 finance charge.  I am not sure how Barclays calculated the $148.73 average daily balance since the $143.11 purchase was the only purchase I made over the last few months.

Anyway, I called Barclays (866-757-3648) and explained the situation to the rep.  I said that the finance charge should not apply to this purchase since it posted before I even received the statement.  He said he would issue me a credit for $2.02 and that it would appear on my next statement.  I thanked the rep for their help and made a payment online.  On the Payments tab, click the Make a Payment link.  The interface is simple and easy to use.

I selected the statement balance ($145.13), today’s date (September 8), my Wells Fargo checking account, and clicked the Review & Verify button.

I reviewed the payment and clicked the Make Payment button.

My payment was confirmed and scheduled for the same day.  Please note that if you make a payment on your due date, you may see a late payment fee temporarily added to your account.  Once your payment posts, the temporary late payment fee will be removed.  Also, your available credit may not be updated right away after a payment is made to your account.

I checked out the Repeat Payments link and it looks like an autopay system where you can select which payment date you want your payment to be processed on.

I then clicked on the Payment Activity link to view my recent scheduled payment.  You can also see past payments at the bottom.  Please note that payments made after 7pm ET will be processed and counted as the next day.

When a payment is scheduled, you can modify or cancel the payment.

I also received a confirmation email that my payment was scheduled.

The next day, I signed back into my Barclays online account and saw that the $145.13 payment posted and I received a credit of $2.02 for the interest charge.

I’m hoping this issue does not occur next month.  If it does, I may have to be proactive and pay my Barclays credit card bill early before the statement closes.  I will see what happens.  If you have any questions about this issue, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

7 thoughts on “More Barclays Business Credit Cards Bugs & Finance Charge / Interest Fee Errors

  1. Mike Saint

    There are definitely bugs. I set up a scheduled payment to pay the balance in full as I always do and they never made the payment and it disappeared. I didn’t get any notice it was late or anything but I happened to log in and check a few days later and saw NO payment was made. I called in and told them about it and they said they wouldn’t charge any interest or late fees but he said to come back 9/15 to see and if so to call in.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Mike, that is annoying that your payment never went through. I made a payment yesterday that went through fine, so I think Barclays fixed that payment issue recently. Did your second payment attempt work?

  2. Margaret

    I experienced the same issue with my husband’s account! He just got the card in June. Looking through his statements, his first statement balance was $1015.19 due on August 13. Well, we paid that entire balance on July 20 and it posted July 21. Then next statement, we see a finance charge of $1.05 for an average daily balance of $61.71- no idea where it came from. We were able to call in and get it credited as well, but I’m just feeling a bit nervous about these wonky errors, especially as we met the minimum spend last statement but no points posted. CS rep said 8-12 weeks, but when I got the card earlier this year it posted on the same statement I met the minimum. I also just noticed on the latest statement it says he got 2775 points for that statement, but those didn’t actually get transferred to the Wyndham account from what I can see. Hoping it will be resolved and everything is posted correctly next month…

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Margaret, does the $1015.19 include the $95 annual fee? If it does, make sure to spend $1,000 not including the annual fee.

      I think there is a delay in points posting to Wyndham Rewards since I’m still waiting for my points from my recent statement. More bugs from Barclays :/

      1. Margaret

        Yep we spent ~$100 on the second statement so we’ve met the minimum already, which is why I was getting worried. But I’m glad you made this post so I know it’s a system-wide issue. Hopefully they fix the bugs soon!

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