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American Express Platinum Card Now Includes Hertz President’s Circle Elite Status in Car Rental Benefit

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Updated at 3:30pm PT on 11/10/22: I signed into my Hertz account and saw my new Hertz President’s Circle status – roughly 48 hours after submitting my request online.

Updated at 12:00pm PT on 11/8/22: AMEX Corporate Platinum cardholders are also eligible for Hertz President’s Circle.  The link to enroll in the status is now working on Hertz’s website, so I added those steps below.

Good afternoon everyone.  I was reviewing my recent American Express Business Platinum Card statement and noticed this announcement about the Car Rental benefit.  Effective today (November 3, 2022), AMEX personal, business, and corporate Platinum cardholders now receive Hertz President’s Circle Elite Status which let’s you skip the counter, add a free additional driver, expedited returns, and get a 4 hour grace period on returns.  Here is the announcement:

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I signed into my American Express online account and went to the Car Rental Privileges section.  In order to get the 4 hour grace period, you need to use the AMEX Corporate Discount Code (CDP) 211762.  According to the comments, you do not need to pay with your AMEX Platinum, so you can use any credit card to pay.  And as a reminder, you can always change the payment card when you drop off the rental car.

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Here are the relevant terms and conditions about this benefit:

[4] Grace period applies to base rate only and does not apply to optional items like child seats and satellite radio, and liability/loss coverage.
[5] Savings applied to pay later base rate only and vary depending on date, location car class and other factors. Base rate includes time and mileage charges only. Discount does not apply to taxes and fees.​
[6] Guaranteed car-class upgrades on rentals of economy through standard cars with a 24-hour advance reservation.
[7] Upgrade to the next car class at no additional cost when a Mid-Size or larger vehicle is booked at participating locations worldwide. Maximum upgrade is to a Premium car. This excludes Special Equipment such as Minivans, SUVs, Hertz Dream Cars, Hertz Adrenaline Collection, Hertz Green Traveler Collection and Hertz Prestige Collection vehicles.

Here is the direct link to enroll in Hertz President’s Circle Elite Status.  Just fill out the form and click the Upgrade My Account button.  If you are not a Hertz member yet, click the link to create an account.

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After I submitted the form, I got this message that said my Hertz account was verified and my registration was complete.  I should see the updated status in my Hertz account in the next 24-72 hours.

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I also received this email from Hertz about my President’s Circle status.

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By Thursday afternoon, roughly 48 hours after submitting the request, I signed into my Hertz online account and saw that I now have Hertz President’s Circle status.

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If you have any questions about Hertz President’s Circle Elite Status, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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22 thoughts on “American Express Platinum Card Now Includes Hertz President’s Circle Elite Status in Car Rental Benefit

  1. Mike B

    Chase Sapphire Reserve is my default card in my President’s Circle profile, and I still get the four hour grace period on returns when I use the Amex Platinum CDP number.

  2. Fathiss

    Amex Plat has been doing the 4 hr grace for at least a couple years now. I’ve used it twice. This is not a new benefit.

  3. Danny

    I was able to get the 4 hour grace period when booking the car a few months back. It was nice since it actually let me book it online for 28 hours without an extra charge.

    I also was able to use my Chase Sapphire Reserve card to book it to take advantage of that insurance benefit.

    It says “Basic Platinum” Is there a Premium Platinum? Funny how it’s $695(?) for a Basic Platinum.

    I also got the upgrade email. It sure doesnt sound much different than my Gold Rewards but maybe it’ll make a difference for upgrades.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Danny, that’s cool that when you made the reservation online it gave you those 4 hours for free. “Basic” might distinguish it from the authorized user / supplemental users on your account. I haven’t noticed much difference from lower tiers of Hertz elite status.

  4. Brian

    Does it come with a get out of jail free card when they issue an arrest warrant for a car that I’ve already returned?

  5. Robert D

    The benefits are basically the same as before, including the 4-hour grace period, but you can now select the better cars from the Presidents Circle row in the lot. Also, and I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think Presidents Circle gets increased Hertz points, if points are selected in your profile. I always opt for the 600 Southwest points rather than Hertz points.

  6. Brant

    For those of you you have not yet sign up for Hertz President’s Circle through AMEX Platinum, allow me to save you some frustration. The “Enroll wit Hertz” link is a dead end. It will take you to a page where you’ll enter your name, email address and Hertz membership number. Then when you click “Continue” it will tell you that your membership number is invalid and to call Hertz. Don’t waste your time trying 4-5 times first like I did. When I called Hertz, they told me that you cannot sign up with that link. It’s a dead end! What you will have to do is send an email to hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com with the following information.
    Full name
    Phone number
    Hertz membership number
    AMEX Platinum number
    AMEX Platinum expiration date

    I repeat, you cannot sign up through the link provided by AMEX Platinum benefits!

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Brant, thanks for the heads up. I’ll add a note to the post. Sorry you had to go through the headache to figure out the issue.

      1. Dave

        Hi Grant, is this the actual process? Are you sure emailing all your info to that email is secure? Just want to make sure this is all legit. Thanks, Dave

        1. Grant Post author

          I’m not 100% sure. If you don’t feel comfortable with that process, wait a few days / weeks and I’m sure the process will get more official.

    2. Luke A

      You have to email them your Amex platinum credit card number? That’s wildly insecure unless I’m misunderstanding.

  7. Ronald

    Stupid question…I enrolled in gold plus rewards prior to this change like a year ago. How the heck to know whether you have Presidential status? Can’t seem to find it in my account online.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Ronald, if you don’t have a Hertz reservation coming up soon, I would wait it out and see if you are automatically upgraded. If you need the status sooner, go through the process to request the upgraded elite status.

  8. FullMoonMadness

    I received a reply to my email to Hertz, and they sent me back to the Amex benefits page. I tried the link again and and it went through without error. I received a confirmation email, but I’m still listed as gold at the moment.


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