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Effective Immediately: Amazon Key Charging $1.99 for In-Garage Delivery or Free with Amazon Day Delivery

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Good afternoon everyone.  Earlier today, I received an email from Amazon with the subject line Important: Changes to Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery.  If you are not familiar with Amazon Key, it is a feature that some garage door openers can be connected to your Amazon account and you can have Amazon packages delivered inside your garage.  I’ve used this feature for the last year and a half and it works very well.  I appreciate the peace of mind know that I don’t have to worry about porch pirates taking packages from my front door.

Unfortunately, that peace of mind will cost a little more, starting today.  The email said:

As of October 4th, In-Garage Delivery costs $1.99 per order. However, that fee will be waived whenever you use Amazon Day with Key Delivery.  With free Amazon Day with Key Delivery, your in-garage deliveries are combined and delivered inside your garage on the same day every week, on the day of your choice. We call it “your Amazon Day.

This email comes 1 week before Amazon’s upcoming Amazon Prime Big Deal Days on October 10-11.  If you read between the lies lines of the email, this change will give you “more convenience, flexibility, and control over your Amazon packages.”  Rubbish!  This seems like a cost saving measure for Amazon with no added benefit to members.

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I wanted to verify that the change was live, so I looked at a recent Amazon order that had free Amazon Key delivery (your package was left in or near the garage).

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I went through the ordering process again to see what would happen.  Not surprisingly, the Amazon Key delivery option was now charging $1.99.  I could switch to a free standard delivery (to my front door) or switch to a Free Amazon Day with Key Delivery option.

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I haven’t paid much attention to the Amazon Day feature, but it looks like you can select a specific day of the week to have all your Amazon packages delivered.  It also seems like you can switch the day as often as you want if you don’t want to wait a several days for your next Amazon Day.

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In the above email, there was a link to a FAQ page about the changes to Amazon Key and about Amazon Day.  Lastly, if you want to modify your Amazon Key settings, here is the Amazon Key settings page.  I’m definitely not planning on paying $1.99 for each Amazon Key delivery, so I will probably switch to standard Amazon Prime deliveries (to my front door) or play around with the Amazon Day feature.  If you have any questions about this change, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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