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Whitney is a deal hound who caught the travel bug in 2014, a bit later in life than most so now she's playing catch-up with credit card bonuses and manufactured spending. Find her on Twitter @WhiskiBravo.

My Delicious Experience using in Barcelona

Earlier this month I wrote a post asking for your suggestions for my solo trip to Barcelona.  I got some great suggestions (thanks again!) and I will be following up with a full trip report soon….stay tuned :)  One of the things I mentioned wanting to try was and since I haven’t heard much about it from other people I wanted to share my experience with you.

The website was pretty easy to use, I’d say even easier than AirBnB.  Just type in your city and the date that you want to dine. search

As you can see the options are listed in chronological order and the price as well as rating are displayed. selection

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Why You Should Take Advantage of Random Status Matches

Good morning everyone!  Earlier this month I traveled solo to Spain on a mistake fare that I got with TAP Portugal early last year.  I live in Charlotte but the fare was from JFK so I used Citi ThankYou points to get myself a positioning flight on American from CLT to JFK.  TAP Portugal is a no frills airline which can be painful when you have a long journey like I did.  I had a 3 hour layover at JFK and what was supposed to be a 3 hour layover after a red-eye to my connection in Portugal.  My return journey included a 4 hour layover in Portugal and an overnight near JFK before taking the first morning flight to Charlotte.  When you are on such a long journey lugging around heavy bags, long waits in security lines and sitting at gates during layovers can be painful.  Luckily I took advantage of a random status match on an airline I had no plans of flying with at the end of 2015 and that afforded me a few comforts that may have saved me from losing my mind.

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Is US Bank Eliminating Credit Card Retention Offers?

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying the new year so far :)  I recently had 2 disappointing attempts at retention offers with US Bank so I wanted to share them with you and see if anyone has had any recent similar (or hopefully better) experiences.

Like most travel hackers, I have something like 30+ credit cards so I have to be very careful about only paying annual fees when I think I’m getting good value from that card beyond the first year.  Why 30+ credit cards?  Well, most of them are cards that I no longer use but I didn’t want to ding my credit score by closing the account so I downgraded to a no annual fee version and it just sits there until a bank tells me that I have too many open accounts and I have to close one in order to open another.  Two of those 30+ cards are US Bank FlexPerks cards (US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature and US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards American Express).  I believe the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards American Express Card was replaced by the the US Bank FlexPerks Gold American Express Card a few months ago.

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Suggestions for My Upcoming Solo Trip to Spain

Good morning everyone.  Happy New Year’s Day!  I just got back from 10 glorious days in my south Florida hometown and now I’m having a difficult time re-adjusting to the chilly Charlotte weather.  In a little over 1 week, I’m heading to Barcelona, Spain for a week and I was hoping to get some suggestions from you beautiful people on what I should do while I’m there.  It will be my first visit to Spain and my first solo trip internationally.

Air:  A few months ago, I snagged a roundtrip ticket on TAP Portugal for $300 via Priceline.  Spain has always been high on my wish list and I figured $300 was probably as good as it gets for roundtrip fare.  I’ll be on a redeye from JFK to Lisbon, Portugal and then a 2 hour 45 minute layover around lunchtime before continuing on to Barcelona just in time for dinner.  I’m assuming 2 hours and 45 minutes isn’t enough time to leave the Lisbon airport even if it’s just for lunch…right?  I used Citi Thank You points to get my flight from Charlotte to JFK.

Hotel:  I’m staying at the Alexandra Barcelona by DoubleTree for the first 2 nights and then was thinking I could take a train or get a cheap flight on Vueling to Nice, France for a side trip.  The last 2/3 nights I’m staying at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona.  I still have Hilton Diamond status so I’m hoping I can get decent room upgrades on my stay. Continue reading

Iceland & What I Wish I Had Known Before Going – Part 2

I went to Iceland last month for a long weekend with my friend Stephanie.  We flew WOW Air from Boston and I used Citi Thank You Points to get myself from Charlotte to Boston in order to rack up a few more EQMs.  For each new country that I visit I make sure to pickup a lonely planet book for that country and I do a decent amount of research & planning ahead of time.  Lucky for me I had a friend (shout out to Evan) that had just visited Iceland 1 month before my trip so I was able to pick his brain on a few things during my planning.  Despite that, I’d say that I probably should have done a bit more research because I have a list of Things I Wish I Had Known before going to Iceland.  I’d like to share that list with you in hopes that your trip goes a tad smoother than mine did.

Note: this is a continuation of Part 1.

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