Staples Easy Rebates for Nordstrom and Reams of Paper; Several New AMEX Offers

Good morning and happy Easter everyone!  The little Easter Bunny brought us some good deals (without the hassle of looking in bushes or under rocks).  The first deal which I could have used earlier this week is a $200 Nordstrom Gift Card from Staples that comes with a $15 Visa Gift Card Staples Easy Rebate.  Go buy some new Easter Best clothes!

Nordstrom $200 GC

As always, here are more paper deals from Staples.  I would go for the single ream of paper but hold off on the 10 case of paper, I’ve seen the price go much lower in the past.

Staples Paper Rebates 4-5-2015

Last but not least, here are some of the new AMEX Offers that showed up in my account this weekend.  Nothing terrific here, but it might help some people.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Happy Easter everyone!

P.S. If you are in San Francisco today, go check our Fort Mason by Fisherman’s Wharf.  There is a huge San Francisco Public Library event where they are selling used books and records for only $1 today.  Look for me there if you go, I’ll be wearing a baby blue sweatshirt.

6 thoughts on “Staples Easy Rebates for Nordstrom and Reams of Paper; Several New AMEX Offers

  1. chrisflyer

    Haha, staples needs to stop these 1 cent paper offers. I’m running out of room in my garage for all that paper!

  2. Wendy

    I bought my last case of paper for a penny after office max rewards. I will probably do the ream deal as my paper supply is getting kind of low.


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