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The Easy and Hard Way to Combine Citi Thank You Points into 1 Account

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(Hat tip to Shawn @ Miles to Memories)

Good afternoon everyone, hopefully your weekend is going well.  If you are like me, you probably have a few Citi credit cards that earn Citi Thank You Points.  I have the Citi Forward (no longer available), Citi Premier, Citi Prestige, and Citi Gold Checking account which all earn Citi Thank You Points.  Since the Citi Prestige Credit Card has the ability to book American Airlines / US Airways / AA Codeshare flights for 1.6 cents per point, it would be great to combine all my Citi Thank You Points into the Citi Thank You account linked to my Citi Prestige Credit Card.

In this post, I will show you the easy way and the hard way to combine all your Citi Thank You Points into 1 account.  After you log into your Citi online account, scroll down to view your rewards and click View Rewards and Redeem for any Citi Thank You Point earning credit card.

All Citi Rewards

You will be redirected to the Citi Thank You website, then select the account you want to view.  I selected my Citi Prestige Credit Card which had 55,087 Citi Thank You Points.

Select Citi Thank You Point Account

From here, I clicked My Account and Combine Thank You Accounts.

Combine Citi Thank You Accounts

On this page, you can see which Citi credit cards you have linked to this Citi Thank You account.  To link another Citi credit card, click Add a Citi Account.

My Citi Accounts

Here is a help message that explains that it is possible to combine Citi Thank You Points from different Citi credit cards into a single Thank You account.

Can I Combine Thank You Points

Select Citi Account # and enter your Account Number (aka your 16 digit Citi credit card number).

Add Citi Account

Double check that the account you want to combine is correct and click Continue.  If everything works as it should, you should see both Citi credit cards linked to the same Thank You account.

a screenshot of a computer

If things do not go according to plan, you will get the following error message.  I spent 30 minutes trying to link my other Citi credit cards, but got the same error message every time.  Save yourself some time and just call Citi at 1-800-THANKYOU (1-800-842-6596) for help.

Add Citi Account Error Message

While I was speaking with the Citi rep, I explained that I wanted to combine all my Citi Thank You Points into 1 account linked to my Citi Prestige Credit Card, so I could get the 1.6 CPP redemption option.  After looking at the addresses for all of my Citi credit cards, the rep told me that the addresses did not match, thus explaining why the accounts could not be linked to a single Thank You account.  After spelling out my full mailing address, the rep applied that address to all my Citi credit cards.  The rep was then able to combine all my Citi Thank You Points into 1 Citi Thank You account.  I thanked the rep for her help and hung up.  After I logged out and logged back in to my Citi Thank You account, I was able to view my recent account activity by clicking on My Account and Points Summary.

Citi Thank You Points Account Summary Before

I was able to view all my linked Citi credit cards by clicking on My Account and My Citi Accounts.

All Citi Accounts Combined

Now when I log into my Citi credit card account, I can see all 4 of my accounts linked to the same Citi Thank You account.

Updated Citi Thank You Point Balance

I also received an email from Citi that my Citi Thank You Points were successfully combined.

Combined Citi Thank You Point Confirmation Email

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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31 thoughts on “The Easy and Hard Way to Combine Citi Thank You Points into 1 Account

      1. Mike

        Thanks. Only one thing isn’t clear. What does 350/100 mean in the upper right quadrant? I understand it’s for making either a debit or credit transaction, but what do those numbers represent and why do they differ? Also, what is a “credit” transaction with regard to a checking account? E.g., simply making a deposit?

        1. Grant

          Honestly, I really don’t know how to calculate the various transactions. I do very few transactions with my Citigold checking account and I get an extra 600-1600 Citi TYPs per month.

  1. Elliot

    Can TY points from the checking account be used just like the ones from credit cards (assuming you have a Prestige/Premier open to allow for transfers or redemptions on AA)? I was under the impression that they functioned differently/separately.

  2. Kate

    Is there something about if you transfer points from one account to another that the points must be used/transferred within 90 days or so?

    1. Grant

      I believe the “90 day rule” only applies when you transfer Citi Thank You Points into an account in someone else’s name, not combining Citi Thank You Points in your “master” Citi Thank You account.

  3. shaun

    Kind of off topic but still about TY points. I used some TY points for an AA 1 way ticket and they had a schedule change yesterday. There are no options that work and I want to cancel the ticket. Would I call the Citi Travel Concierge and if I cancel will they refund me the thanks you points? thx

    1. Grant

      Hmm, if you want to change the fight to a different AA flight, then you could probably call AA. If you want to cancel the ticket, you should probably call the Citi Travel Concierge department. If your fight is way in the future, you might want to see if the AA flight has another schedule change to a better time.

  4. Mike Miller

    Great article, however, I’m still confused. Was there ever a clear answer on if Citi Gold Checking ThankYou points can be transferred to travel partners? I’ve read all the posts, but still, don’t for sure answer. can I transfer them to A) A travel partner, B) transfer to my premier credit card TY account and then transfer them to a travel partner. Is there a clear guide written somewhere?


    1. Grant

      I believe if all you have is a Citigold Checking Account, you can redeem the Citi Thank You Points for certain things (excluding transferring them to travel partners). When you transfer/combine the Citi Thank You Points into a Citi Premier/Prestige credit card, you can do whatever you want with them (including transfer to travel partners). Once the Citi Thank You Points are combined, there is no way to distinguish the points from where they came from or how they were earned.

      1. Mike Miller

        Hi Grant, thanks. Is there anyway you could try to test this theory on your end? I’d love to be able to see if it’s possible. I’m going for the 40k checking bonus they have. If it’s possible to transfer them into one account then onto a travel partner that would be huge! I’ve got a call into citi and can report back.

        Also, FYI, great blog. I’ve noticed your posts aren’t about PUSHING credit cards and more with instructions guides, which is GREAT. Thank you.

        1. Grant

          I have the Citigold Checking account and am waiting for the 40,000 Citi Thank You Points bonus to post. Since all my Citi Thank You accounts are linked together, they all have the same ability to be transferred to travel partners since I have the Citi Prestige/Premier.

          I’m glad you like the blog and the helpful tutorial-style posts. Have a great day.

          1. Mike Miller

            Great, thanks. I”m SO confused. Citi just called me back and said they can’t be used for travel partners if you transfer them. UGHH, story of my life. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully, my funding with my citi credit card will go through and I’ll get some bonus miles that way. Thanks for being so quick and on top of it!

          2. Grant

            You can’t always believe everything a CSR says… I still think they can be transferred to travel partners since the TYPs go to my Citi Prestige TYP account.

          3. Mike

            It’s somewhere between improbable and impossible that, if they let you combine the points into one account, that they don’t then let that account operate at it’s highest common denominator of value. I know that Premier points pushed into Prestige accounts then operate fully as Prestige points for redemption. Has to be that banking points pushed into a Premier account will operate as well as originating Premier points or, if pushed into a Prestige account, like Prestige points.

            It would be an operational nightmare and customer service nightmare to support it any other way.

          4. Grant

            I totally agree with your logic and believe that is how it works. If I see something that contradicts that, I will let you know.

  5. Andrew

    Hi guys, did we ever figure out if you can transfer Citigold TY points to travel partners, provided you link those points to your master Citi Prestige TY account?

      1. Todd

        Hey Grant,
        Were you ever able to confirm that CitiGold Thank you points transferred to your Prestige account have full transferability?

        1. Grant

          Hi Todd, there is no way to know for sure unless I try to transfer all my Citi TYPs to a travel partner. I have a special case because the Citi TYPs from Citigold were manually added to my account since they did not post automatically, so that might affect the transfer ability of the Citi TYPs.

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  7. Seth

    Thanks for the guide, Grant. I was stumped at how I was going to cash my checking bonus (which I just got in October from the account I signed up for last December) points out at 1:1 for mortgage payment because it kept showing up as 1.25:1 when the points where in the checking account TYP account. I combined accounts to Prestige account and was instantly able to improve to the 1:1 rate!

    Also, if it is still a question, I was NOT able to use the newly combined points from the checking account to transfer to airline partners. I only had 700 points in my Prestige account before the combine. I combined 60,000 from the checking bonus and went to see if I could transfer to Krisflyer. I got an error that I did not have enough points to transfer to an airline, I needed 1,000 for that, which I read to say they were only counting the 700 I had from the card as being able to be transferred.

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