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My Lunch Conversation with a 30+ Year Airline Veteran (She Started with PSA in 1968)

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have had a 30+ year career with the airlines? I know people who are currently working in the airline industry, but I’ve never had the chance to really sit down and talk to an airline veteran of so many years… until the other day. I was on one of my walks in Coronado making notes for my Coronado / San Diego series when I struck up a conversation with a woman who was also taking a walk. I figured she was a Coronado local, which she was, but I came to find out she was also retired from a 30+ year career with the airlines. So later that week, over coffee and scones at Tartines, I talked with Janet. I figured if I was intrigued by the changes she’d seen in all those years, and her other impressions of the airline industry, as well as any places she’d been and enjoyed, you might want to eavesdrop on our conversation and hear what I learned from Janet.

I’ve always wondered how people got started when they work for the airlines for so many years. Janet had one of those I-guess-it-was-meant-to-be stories. In her early 20s, she and a girlfriend came out to San Diego from the east coast. No job. No plans. They stayed with a friend and, one day, a neighbor came by. Naturally, he asked Janet what she would do for work, and when she said she had no idea, he said he worked for the airlines, they were hiring, and she should come by and see about getting a job.

That was the summer of 1968 and the airline was PSA! Pacific Southwest Airlines was the first large discount airline and billed itself as the “World’s Friendliest Airline”. Maybe you remember PSA, I sure do! At first, they only flew intra-state in California. So imagine a lot of up and down and up and down in one day kind of flights. Janet mentioned that this was great for the women crew because they could be home with their kids every night.

Another interesting fact she mentioned was that one of the reasons the PSA crews were so young was because they could hire 18 year olds. PSA didn’t cross state lines. They did, however, serve small bottles of alcohol, but didn’t open them for you. The bigger airline carriers did serve alcohol, so they couldn’t hire anyone younger than 21! The crews were young and fun, and Janet told me they still have PSA get togethers and parties :)

PSA Pacific Southwest Airlines flight attendants. Image source: http://www.psa-history.org/sights_and_sounds/stewardesses

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Hotel & Flight Bookings for LHR, CDG, NCE, MUC, VCE, and DUB

Good morning everyone, happy TGI Friday!  First, I wanted to thank everyone for voting in my poll (Reader Feedback Needed: Which Blog Posts Should I Write First?).  I was busy this week with 2 free movie screenings in SF (13 Hours and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) and the SF Travel Hackers Meetup, but I’m finally getting around to writing about my upcoming trip to Europe.  That was the overwhelming winner and since my trip starts tomorrow (1/16), I better write about it before I fly out of town.

Blog Topic Poll 1-14-2016

I will share my thought process and booking experience with my flights and then about my hotels.  Since I planned most of this trip back in March/April/May 2015, I was able to find award space to/from SFO very easily.  Here is an overview of my paid and award flights:

  • SFO-LAX (AA First) and LAX-LHR (AA Business) = 50,000 AA miles + $5.60 in taxes/fees
  • LHR-CDG (British Airways economy) = 2,500 BA Avios + $57.50 in taxes/fees
  • CDG-NCE (Air France economy) = $56.76
  • NCE-MUC / MUC-VCE (Lufthansa economy) = $99.99
  • VCE-LGW-DUB (British Airways / Aer Lingus economy) = $138.60
  • DUB-SFO (Aer Lingus economy) = 25,000 BA Avios + $106.76 in taxes/fees

GCM Eurotrip 2016

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Hacking the US Airways First Class Upgrade List (Until the AA/US Merger)

Good evening everyone.  The details of this post come from my friend Whitney, who flies US Airways quite a bit.  She told me about this trick at FTU DFW last weekend and I asked her to explain her process.  Unfortunately, this trick is likely to end when American Airlines and US Airways finally merge, which is supposed to be sometime this month.

Before I continue, there are 2 important notes:

  • You have to be traveling on US Airways metal (no codeshare flights)
  • You needed to have US Airways status prior to the merger of US Airways Dividend Miles with the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program

1.  Check-in at exactly 24 hours.  Obviously, status is the first thing that determines your placement on the upgrade list.  If there are 2 American Airlines Executive Platinum members on the upgrade list, the Executive Platinum member who checked in first, get’s the #1 spot.  So, I always check-in right at the 24-hour mark.  The very moment that clock strikes 24-hours prior to my flight, I’m online ready to check-in. Continue reading

The Easy and Hard Way to Combine Citi Thank You Points into 1 Account

(Hat tip to Shawn @ Miles to Memories)

Good afternoon everyone, hopefully your weekend is going well.  If you are like me, you probably have a few Citi credit cards that earn Citi Thank You Points.  I have the Citi Forward (no longer available), Citi Premier, Citi Prestige, and Citi Gold Checking account which all earn Citi Thank You Points.  Since the Citi Prestige Credit Card has the ability to book American Airlines / US Airways / AA Codeshare flights for 1.6 cents per point, it would be great to combine all my Citi Thank You Points into the Citi Thank You account linked to my Citi Prestige Credit Card.

In this post, I will show you the easy way and the hard way to combine all your Citi Thank You Points into 1 account.  After you log into your Citi online account, scroll down to view your rewards and click View Rewards and Redeem for any Citi Thank You Point earning credit card.

All Citi Rewards

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How to Book American Airlines Flights with Citi Thank You Points (1.6 Cents Per Point Value)

Good evening everyone, in this post, I will show you how to book American Airlines flights through the Citi Thank You Points website and get 1.6 cents per point (CPP) in value.  Travel Codex recently reported that codeshare flights with American Airlines / US Airways flight numbers can be purchased for 1.6 CPP also through the Citi Thank You website.  The value you get out of your Citi Thank You Points is dependent on the Citi credit cards you have and the flights you book.  Here is a summary of the possible values:

  • Citi Prestige Credit Card + American Airlines / US Airways Flight (and codeshares) = 1.6 CPP
  • Citi Prestige Credit Card + All Other Flights = 1.33 CPP
  • Citi Premier Credit Card + Any Flight = 1.25 CPP
  • Citi Preferred/Forward/Other Credit Card + Any Flight = 1.0 CPP

If you have more than 1 Citi Thank You Point earning credit card, all your Citi Thank You Points can be pooled into 1 account and will be worth the same as your highest earning credit card.  For example, I have a Citi Prestige, Premier, Forward, and Citigold Checking account and they all earn Citi Thank You Points worth up to 1.6 CPP.

Anyway, let’s get started with booking an American Airlines flight.  After logging into your Citi Thank You Points account, click the Shop tab and then click on Flights.

Citi Thank You Points Flights Link

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