Year in Review: My Top Blog Posts of 2016 and Lifetime

Good morning everyone, greetings from NYC.  Instead of staying at a fancy hotel downtown, I am staying with my best friend in the Upper East Side.  I was inspired by Frequent Miler’s post yesterday (The Most Popular Frequent Miler Posts of 2016) so I decided to dust off my Google Analytics and see what my top 10 best blog posts from 2016 and top 10 blog posts of all time.

Best blog posts from 2016 (total page views in 2016 and published date):

Best blog posts of all time (total page views of all time and published date):

The top 10 best blog posts of all time list show how much staying power some blog posts have over the years.  I really appreciate all my readers and friends in the blogging community who link to my posts.  I also want to wish you all an early happy Near Year’s.  Safe travels everyone!

3 thoughts on “Year in Review: My Top Blog Posts of 2016 and Lifetime

  1. Robert

    Grant, will you be reviewing your 2016 predictions and then making predictions for 2017? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your posts all year long, but your predictions posts was one of my favorites.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Robert, I started working on the post and will try to publish tomorrow. I had too many predictions so it’s taking me awhile. Happy New Year!

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