Lowe’s $10 Off $50 AMEX Offer = $200 Amazon Gift Card for $160

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all having a great holiday season.  Tomorrow afternoon, I will fly from LGB (Long Beach) to JFK (New York City) to spend New Year’s in New York City.  But before I start packing all my warmest winter clothes, I braved the low 60 degree weather in SoCal to visit my local Lowe’s.  I had the below Lowe’s AMEX Offer ($10 off $50) added to 4 of my AMEX cards and I still needed to do some gift card shopping.  If you have this AMEX Offer linked to your cards and have not met the spending requirement, you only have a few days left since the offer ends on December 31, 2016.  As long as the charge is authorized on/by 12/31, you will receive the statement credit.


I ended up buying a $200 Amazon Gift Card and doing a split tender at the register to charge $50 to all 4 AMEX cards.


Here is what the receipt looks like with the 4 $50 split tender payments.

200-amazon-gift-card-lowes-receiptI instantly received notifications on my iPhone from the AMEX app and email receipts as soon as each $50 charge was authorized.  The entire process took about 2-3 minutes and the cashier was very helpful.

Quick tip: I never assume the cashier knows how to do a split tender payment, so I usually intend on buying each gift card separately.  If the cashier seems knowledgeable and friendly, I ask them if they can do split tender and if they say yes, I proceed with the split tender payments.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

7 thoughts on “Lowe’s $10 Off $50 AMEX Offer = $200 Amazon Gift Card for $160

  1. Jason

    I went to my local Lowes to buy a $50 gift card and the cashier told me that she could only accept Debit or Cash to buy a gift card.

    1. Grant Post author

      That is definitely not true. Try again with a different cashier. Or try buying a cheap item (soda or snack) along with the gift card. You should be able to pay for the full purchase with a credit card.

  2. Chuck

    You can also add a layer of complexity and buy Safeway giftcards and then use your Safeway GC to buy amazon at Safeway and get the 4X gas rewards as well. Obviously you have to buy gas at safeway for that to be worth it to you.

  3. Bill

    How do folks get to use the Amex offers onmultiple cards? I usually see the offer on multiple cards, but when I accept the offer on one card, the offer then disappears from the other card(s). Do you have multiple Amex logins?

    1. Grant Post author

      I can add the same AMEX Offer to multiple AMEX cards when I open each AMEX card in its own tab/window. Then I scroll down to the AMEX Offer and add the offer to each AMEX card. Try that next time and you should be able to add the same offer to multiple AMEX cards.


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