Quick Tip: Access Bank of America Museums on Us by Logging into your BofA App (YMMV)

Good morning everyone.  This past Sunday, my brother and I went for a long walk around San Francisco (~11 miles from my apartment through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and up the coast).  Along the way, we stopped at the de Young Museum.  Luckily for us, it was one of Bank of America’s Museum on Us weekend (the first full weekend of every month).  Unfortunately, you need to show them a Bank of America credit or debit card and I never carry Bank of America credit cards with me (they are not top of wallet, but more like back of drawer cards), but I did find a work around to get free access to the museum.


I asked the lady at the ticket counter if I could show them a Bank of America credit card I had set up on ApplePay or if I could log into the Bank of America app.  Surprisingly, she said that if I logged into the Bank of America app and showed them my name at the top of the app, that would grant me access to the museum for free.  I can’t guarantee this method works at every museum in the Museums on Us program (list of all participating museums), but it is a good last ditch effort if you find yourself at a museum on the first weekend of the month without a Bank of America credit or debit card.


While at the de Young Museum, they were showcasing the Frank Stella exhibit (this special exhibit cost $10, which was a discounted price thanks to being a Bank of America customer).  I like his artwork because it is geometric and colorful and reminds me of the doodles I used to do in my high school math class on graph paper.

Outside the Frank Stella exhibit, I stumbled onto this awesome portrait of George Washington made entirely of folded $1 bills.  The second picture shows the iPhone camera trying to capture all the George Washington faces in the picture.

de-young-museum-george-washing-portrait-dollar-bills de-young-museum-george-washing-portrait-dollar-bills-closeup

Last but not least, we went up the Observation Tower to get a good look around Golden Gate Park.  I’m sorry the picture is so rainy, but on a clear sunny day, you could probably see for miles around.  We ended up walking to the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco and got in free due to having a ticket from the de Young Museum.  The artwork is classical European artwork, which reminded me of walking around the Louvre.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone.

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