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Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card Upcoming Changes March 2023 (New 2x Earning Categories + 10% Relationship Bonus)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  Doctor of Credit covered the recently announced changes to the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card, but I haven’t seen an update to the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card yet.  Luckily, I just got this letter in the mail that covers the upcoming changes to business credit card.  “Effective March 2023, the Annual Fee on your company account will increase to $70 on your next company account anniversary date, and the annual fee per card will be $25, assessed on the anniversary of each card.”  The “company account” used to be $50, so the combined annual fee will increase from $75 to $95 in a few months.

Effective immediately, card holders will get an earlier boarding position (probably boarding group C, since elite members are boarding groups A + B).  You can also get a $100 discount off the $650 Alaska Lounge+ Membership if you pay with this credit card.  Lastly, you and any authorized users who pay for Alaska flights with this credit card will get priority boarding and first checked bag free.

Effective March 2023, this card will earn 2x at gas stations, local transit / rideshare, and shipping.  The 3x for Alaska flights and 1x everywhere else will not change.  Lastly, if you have an “eligible Bank of America small business account,” you will get a 10% reward bonus.  See the backside of this letter for more details about all of these changes.

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My Wild & Crazy 2023 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! One of my yearly traditions is to write my predictions for the coming year and you can check out how I did in 2022 here: Let’s Review my 2022 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions.  I plan on doing a mid-year review in July to see if I am on track, but without further ado, here are my predictions for 2023…

My 2023 Airline Predictions

  • American Airlines or Alaska Airlines will be added as a transfer partner from a transferable points currency.
  • British Airways will change their award chart to calculate the number of Avios needed on a combined distance flown, not on a segment by segment basis.
  • Delta Airlines or United Airlines will introduce a “Miles and Cash” payment option for award tickets (pay 10,000 miles or pay 8,000 miles + $40).
  • Southwest Airlines will work very hard to make up for their December 2022 travel nightmare by offering a transfer bonus from Chase and spending offers on their credit cards in January 2023.

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Let’s Review my 2022 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions

Good afternoon everyone, happy New Year’s Eve!  Since today is the last day of the year, I wanted to review My Wild and Crazy 2022 Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions.  6 months ago, I wrote My 2022 Midyear Review of Airline, Hotel & Credit Card Predictions where I shared my 4 out of 26 correct predictions.  Hopefully I was able to pick up a few more correct predictions in the second half of the year.  Without further ado, here are my predictions and the results…

My 2022 Airline Predictions (2 / 7)

  • Alaska Airlines or Southwest Airlines will bring back their “convert travel funds to airline miles” feature. – I still cannot believe this feature exists but Alaska and Southwest are not using it.  Maybe we will see this feature again in 2023.
  • American Airlines will return as a Citi ThankYou Points airline transfer partner. – I still cannot believe that Citi can’t get American Airlines to come back to the ThankYou Points portal, not even for a short trial period.  I’m hopeful this will happen in 2023.
  • Avianca will give Turkish Airlines a run for their money for domestic Star Alliance awards. – No, I don’t think this happened in 2022.
  • British Airways will let you use Avios to pay the taxes, fees, and fuel surcharge portion of award tickets. – Yes, you can pay a large portion of taxes / fees / fuel surcharges with British Airways Avios (link).
  • Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or United Airlines will introduce a “Miles and Cash” payment option for award tickets (pay 10,000 miles or pay 8,000 miles + $40). – No, I don’t think these airlines introduced this feature in 2022.
  • JetBlue will partner with another US airline for award bookings. – Yes, you can book JetBlue flights using American Airlines miles (link).
  • United Airlines will be a transfer partner with Brex, Citi, or American Express. – Wrong! I should have guessed united Airlines would partner with Bilt Rewards.

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I Paid $4,043 in Credit Card Annual Fees in 2022 – Was it Worth it?

Good evening everyone, I hope your week is going well.  With the end of the year right around the corner, I decided to publish my 2022 version of credit card annual fees I paid this year.  For comparison, here are my previous credit card annual fee posts:

For this year’s post, I decided to break up the list of credit cards into 5 sections:

  • Annual fees paid on new credit cards with sign up bonuses
  • Annual fees paid on credit cards that received retention offers
  • Annual fees on credit cards that have been upgraded / downgraded / product changed
  • Annual fees on credit cards that I closed
  • All other credit cards

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My Positive Experience Moving / Reallocating Credit Limits / Prepaying Bill with Bank of America Business Credit Card

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I did a mini App-O-Rama and applied for 3 business credit cards.  One of those cards was the Bank of America Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Card.  The standard offer is $300 cash back after spending $3,000 in 3 months, but there is an alternative offer (link) that has a $500 cash back bonus after spending $5,000 in 3 months.  I applied for the alternative offer and was instantly approved.  The only problem… my credit limit was only $3,000 and I had a $5,000+ charge I needed to make.

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