Make Cash Back Monitor Even Better – What Feature is Missing? (Giveaway for $50 in Amazon eGift Cards)

Update: Comments are now closed.  I will go through all the comments and pick the top 5 suggestions.  I will email the winners and send them each a $10 Amazon egift card.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Good morning again, I am writing this post on-board my Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Oakland.  You may not recognize the gentleman standing next to me in the below photo, but I can almost guarantee that you have heard of his website and used his service.  His name is Yansong and he is the creator and operator of Cash Back Monitor – the online shopping portal comparison tool.  He is a very smart (well dressed) guy who knows the ins and outs of the online shopping portal world.  We have become good friends over the years due to always running into each other at various travel conferences around the country.

In an unrelated note, I ran a contest a few weeks ago asking readers to tell me what features were missing from Award Wallet.  I sent the post to my friends at Award Wallet and they really appreciated the feedback from readers.  I believe they are working on a few new features that readers recommended.  I asked Yansong if he would be open to doing the same thing with Cash Back Monitor and he agreed.

Yansong Cash Back Monitor FTU Advanced Seattle

The giveaway is simple, what feature is missing from Cash Back Monitor that would make the service better for you and other users?  Leave a comment on this post before 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, February 28, and I will select 5 winners on Wednesday morning.  I will send each winner a $10 Amazon eGift Card code via email.

Kohls Cash Back Monitor Results

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Thank you to everyone who enters the giveaway and good luck.  Have a great day everyone!

22 thoughts on “Make Cash Back Monitor Even Better – What Feature is Missing? (Giveaway for $50 in Amazon eGift Cards)

  1. Brian Michalak

    It would be great if the exclusions (if any) were listed on CashBackMonitor, instead of having to go to each site individually.

  2. Nancy

    Using a symbol/indicator to denote if a portal is currently offering a bonus for hitting a certain level of spend, i.e. United offering 500 bonus miles for spending $100.

  3. rxgeek

    CBM saves me money all the time. Great site!
    Suggestion: Have a pop-up alert when the merchant is in CBM like Ebates, Piggy and others do.

  4. Pinky

    Love CashBackMonitor!

    Please add how long it takes to confirm/track on the site. For example, I often will choose eBates over TopCashBack at a slightly lower rate because TopCashBack takes forever to confirm/track and then pay out.

    Please also add if gift cards are excluded.

  5. Siv

    CBM is a great website! My suggestion would be to create a Andriod/iOS app to go along with the site. This would allow for quick searches when doing online shopping from mobile devices. Thanks!

  6. VM

    It would be great if we can also see historic rate change for specific portal for example I might always use 3 or 4 portals and I need to see historic change for each merchant on that specific portal not among all

  7. CT

    Wow, this is the first time I have heard of that site. So I guess I would say, they are missing good publicity.

  8. Jason H

    I would say CBM need to have a “popular portal” highlighted in green or blue colors so users could see which portal that most people use lately. People who play cashback already have a good sense to choose the portal that not only pays the most but reliable in payout and tracking. So it would be very helpful for the newbie or new visitor to see that color indicator to help them choose.

  9. marc

    Might be hard to do, but how long the rate will last. I know there are a lot of short term rate boosts (i.e. until Valentines Day, Presidents Day, etc.)

  10. Jenny

    Sometimes a company is listed under two or more different names, making it necessary to check each listing for the best rate. It would be great to have those consolidated, when possible.

  11. esdot

    An ability to receive email or text notifications when a retailer has a [or a certain, user selected] portal offering increased rates or more than [x, user inputted]% rates.

      1. Chuck

        However, I do wish they would allow an indefinite alert which doesn’t end when it’s met. For example, if I’m a reseller, I want to know whenever Sears hits 10%. So I don’t want to have to reset that alert after it’s met one time. I want it to be an alert for all time that whenever the portal hits 10% I should get a notification.

  12. Dwayne Smith

    My suggestions, yeah I have two, would be number one to include the websites of the Gift Card redemption’s! Number two the ability to offer an app or apps for Android, IOS, and even Window phone users, allowing even smoother transactions for all mobile users!! Love the site my friends!!

  13. Judy Jones

    The site has been a Godsend and the best out there for a search. I agree with the above points. A No credit for 3rd party gift card exclusion symbol for we gift card gamers, A limited time boost symbol for the Airline Shopping Portals, And maybe a “Hot Store” alert on the homepage for the most searches. I never make a purchase without checking it first!

  14. Glenn

    Well personally I don’t care about a bunch of the portals. For cash back I probably still want to see all of them though since I might just sign up for a particular good rate, even though there are often redemption thresholds and such that make it not-so-simple. But for rewards portals, if I don’t collect those points then they’re not much use to me. So if I could get it to do what I want, I’d simply tell it to exclude certain portals. It would be fine of course if these were simply sorted to the bottom of the list as well. In theory the “assign value to points” feature might do this, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t affect the sort, even if I assign a value of $0. Similarly assigning a reasonable value to Hilton, like 0.4, doesn’t sort it at 6HH/$ when the math should dictate that.

    The other problem here is that it needs to be easy to stay logged in and preserve your settings. Right now it isn’t. The personal alerts page for example doesn’t even display in Firefox.

    Also the limit of 10 alerts is w-a-y too small. Can I pay for an account with a higher limit? And/or quicker notification like hourly instead of daily or whatever?

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