PSA: Bumped Flight? Make Sure Your Original Routing Miles Post

Have you ever realized that after flying, your miles never posted? You happened to be checking your account for some totally different reason and you noticed something just didn’t seem to add up? That’s what happened to me a few days ago and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you! I was looking at my Alaska Airlines account to see about an upcoming flight and happened to glance at my Mileage Activity tab. I never do this because I’ve never had an issue with Alaska Airlines not posting miles I’d earned from flying. Never a problem… until today.

Remember the flight I took to Boston where I volunteered for my first ever BUMP? I didn’t see those miles post to my account :( Not being familiar with how bumps and mileage accrual works, I gave this some thought. Is it possible that because I got bumped onto a Delta flight the miles wouldn’t be earned on Alaska Airlines? This didn’t make sense to me because I had paid Alaska Airlines for the fare.

I called Alaska Airlines to see about getting those miles posted. Not that 2,588 miles is a lot, but I did earn them! The representative at the Mileage Plan department didn’t even see my flight. Sigh. I was thinking she was going to tell me to mail in my ticket or start some slow process. But then she asked, “Do you have your ticket number?” Yes I did, because I could access the purchase confirmation email Alaska Airlines sent me when I bought my ticket. It took her some time to get my records from the ticket number and put this transaction through, but it did post. They gave it a strange name though!

In the end, it worked out, but here’s the PSA. If you get bumped, even if you fly on the same airline and not a different one like I did, check to make sure the miles post to your account!

Has this ever happened to you? Have a great day, everyone.

6 thoughts on “PSA: Bumped Flight? Make Sure Your Original Routing Miles Post

  1. Ryan

    Alaska has never posted any of the four flights I have taken on Condor, even though they claim they do.You have to wait two weeks and then send in an email with your bording pass and itinerary. Also, make sure they credit you the right amount because one time they shorted me over 1.5k when they had to do the manual credit.

    1. Shelli Post author

      Sorry to hear this, Ryan. Sounds frustrating. Hope the process for posting Condor trips gets better. Good tip about making sure they post the right amount of miles. Thanks!

  2. Shelli Post author

    Great question, Steve. No I did not. I didn’t argue this point because I’m not going for status. If I was, I would have though. Maybe I should have pressed the point to see what the conversation would have been. Have a great day!

  3. Chris

    Youre lucky, in the past when this is happened to me I’ve been told that I would be participating in the new carriers frequent flyer program. This kind of makes sense because I’m on their metal but then again I did pay the first carrier for the flight anyway. Alaska’s usually very good about things like this I’m glad it worked out


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