How to Stop Receiving Text Messages After Promotions End

Enrolling in offers we receive on our credit cards is the easy part. Well, maybe spending to maximize those offers is also easy! But somehow, once the offers and spending to meet those offers is done, I still seem to get a lot of texts that just add noise to my day. Some offers go on for months, so that can be a lot of unwanted texts and noise! Sometimes we register and then decide not to take advantage of the offer. That’s when texts become really annoying.

Someone recently asked me how to stop receiving texts when offers are over and done. Sometimes that means paying attention to the small print in the registration process. Here’s an example of what I mean.

When you read to the bottom of this registration verification, you’ll see that Chase provided the code word, in this case, DEMOSTOP, which would end texts about this promo. So always make sure, even if you don’t take a screen capture of your sign-up process, to make note of the code word to stop those texts. And if no codeword is provided as clearly as it is for this promo, it’s often in the terms of the deal.

Have you ever used these codewords to stop the “noise” or do you not care? Maybe I’m just a stickler for fewer texts when possible!

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