Caroline Lupini: An Introduction

Well, in typical Caroline fashion, I got too excited about writing a travel related post and completely forgot to introduce myself!

So hey, nice to meet you!

I’ve been around the points and miles world for a while, so perhaps you’ve seen my name somewhere. I used to write a blog on Boarding Area called Point Princess, but I wanted to expand my blogging topics beyond points and miles, so I started an ĂĽber creatively named site called Caroline Lupini.

Since then, I definitely haven’t slowed down on the points and miles writing, but I’ve also had some fun writing a few destination pieces too.

Overall, my goal is to travel as much as I can. I have the luxury of working online, so I spend about half of the year outside of the U.S. I’ve been to 70 countries so far, and I hope to one day visit them all. I really enjoy off-the-beaten-path destinations like Iraqi Kurdistan, Algeria, and Myanmar, and I’m super excited about my upcoming trip to Iran!

When I am in the U.S., I’m based in Boulder, CO, but I also try to take at least a few trips to different domestic destinations each year as well. My favorite domestic trip from 2017 was Glacier National Park including a three day backpacking trip!

My travel style spans the full range from ultra-budget to luxury. But on average, I try to keep my travel expenses as close to they would be if I was living in Colorado the whole year. Most of the time when I’m staying at very nice places or flying in a premium cabin, it’s due to points and miles.

Here on Travel with Grant, I plan to share general tips and tricks, travel stories, airline and hotel reviews, and anything else that I think might be interesting to readers. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see me write about or know about me!

If you want to connect, feel free to hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter!

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    1. Caroline Lupini Post author

      Hey Ravi! It depends! My cell phone is a Google Pixel, so that’s always on me. I also usually travel with a Nikon D810, DJI Mavic Pro, and a GoPro.

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