American Express May Temporarily Suspend Credit Card Earning & Redeeming Ability (Effective November 1)

Update: For more discussion about this change, check out this Doctor of Credit post and this Reddit thread.

Good morning everyone.  I was reviewing my American Express credit card statements last night and I noticed an update to the program terms printed on my American Express Everyday Credit Card statement.  Effective November 1, American Express has the ability to temporarily suspend your ability to earn and redeem American Express Membership Reward Points if they suspect that you are abusing, misusing, or gaming their rewards program.   Further down on the program terms update, American Express also lists possible actions they may take to your credit cards:

  • Take away any points in your program account
  • Temporarily suspend your ability to redeem points
  • Temporarily suspend your ability to earn points
  • Cancel your program account
  • Cancel any of your American Express Cards

I am not sure if this is much different than getting an American Express Financial Review, but it sounds serious.  Who knows how American Express will enforce these new program terms, but here is the complete program terms update for you to read:

In other less exciting account term news, American Express may tell merchants that you have set up for recurring billing about any updates to your expiration date or account status changes.  The simplest example would be a recurring monthly purchase billed to your American Express credit card.  If your current credit card is expiring, American Express may inform the merchant about the new expiration date so that your recurring purchase continue to go through unaffected.  This is not a big deal to me, but it may be helpful for others.

If you have any questions about either of the program / term updates, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

7 thoughts on “American Express May Temporarily Suspend Credit Card Earning & Redeeming Ability (Effective November 1)

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  2. Nathan Waipa

    AMEX allows 99 authorized users. If 99 spent 100.00, that’s 9,900.00 points for yours truly. Just theory. But what if each of my 4 AU spend 1,000.00 a month [they do] are they going to revoke my lousy 4,000 points? That’s a lousy value of 40.00 if I can be so generous. Maybe they want us to change our game plan and make it harder to gain points. Then let the game begin. I was going to shut down all but Surpass anyway because of the free weekend. But I think what they’ll do if they shut down one account, they’ll shut down all. Or suspend adding AU. Whatever. The Everyday and Blue Cash is not all that it’s cut out to be. So is the SPG.

  3. oh no

    another example that this game is rigged in the HOUSE favor.
    play the game long enough and successful enough and they reserve the right to screw you for winning.

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  5. Steve barnhardt

    Amex is also screwing you on the MQM award on their expensive Reserve card. THey can take up to 90 days to award you those MQM’s which can effectively delay your MQM award until the next year causing you to lose Medallion status.
    What a rip-off.
    Leave home without it!

  6. Steve barnhardt

    Just checked out SKYSCANNER. You can fly for a heck of a lot less than Delta and since the Delta miles aren’t worth squat now, I’d rather save the cash.

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