American Airlines Business Extra: Don’t Forget to Double Dip on your AA Flights

Do you know that American Airlines has another mileage earning program besides its Advantage Mileage Program? So, yes, you earn miles in both programs. I joined it years ago, but I’ll admit to not utilizing the program and its bonuses very well or very often. In my effort to not leave miles/points on the table, I’m paying more attention to programs like these, and so should you. The program is called Business Extra. It allows businesses and “businesses” to earn extra miles for their employees and “employees” flights. It’s American Airlines way of rewarding small businesses. These Business Extra miles are earned in a separate mileage program. You earn points based on dollars spent on eligible flights, so your stash won’t grow as fast as your Advantage Program miles will, but it still makes sense to double dip when you can. You can still credit the flights on American Airlines to any partner airline you’d like, but as long as your Business Extra number is on your ticket, you’ll earn Business Extra points too.

And here’s another interesting data point. I wondered if I could add my Business Extra number to flights I had already booked or did it have to be added up front? I couldn’t see how to do this online, so I called the Business Extra department at 1-800-433-1790. The very helpful customer service rep added my Business Extra account number to my upcoming American Airlines flights.

While I was on the phone with the Business Extra rep, I asked him what were the most common uses of Business Extra points. He said the most popular use was for Anytime Award seats. He said that if you have under 2,000 points, there is not much use for them, so in that case, people use them for upgrade certificates, which are 650 points each. Especially if the points are going to expire, why not get those certs and see if you can use them?

So from now on, I won’t be missing out on any American Airlines promos like the one I received but never got around to registering for! To join the Business Extra Program, click here.

Do you use Business Extra? What have you used your points for? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “American Airlines Business Extra: Don’t Forget to Double Dip on your AA Flights

  1. Danny

    I have been signed up for the program for almost 7 months and I have accumulated 1950 in free points through what appears to be quarterly promotions as part of the 20th anniversary. I do wish they had an easier way to notify me for promotions. I signed up for one I found in their newsletter, but the other 2 I read on blogs and they weren’t mentioned at all anywhere in the newsletters(at least I didnt see it). I don’t know if those were mistakes, but they posted to my account already.

    The nice thing is that the requirements were for an AA flight so I ended up fulfilling with a cheap trip from LAX to vegas. Another side note is that it appears you can earn points for flights that fulfill a promotion before you registered for the promotion.

    If you don’t feel like calling to get your Business Extra number added, you can also email it in.
    Just email them your Business Extra number and the flight record locators and they’ll add it within a few days and email you back. You can even do multiple record locators if you want.

    You can also earn Business Extra points for flights on British Airways and Iberia.

    The only downside is it’s so difficult to track everything since everything posts months after and they don’t do a good job of telling you where the points came from. But for free points I wouldnt have had anyway, it’s hard to complain.

    1. Shelli Post author

      Great comment, Danny. Thanks for adding so much valuable info to the conversation. Especially about emailing your Extra number instead of calling in. I hope AA reads your comment, too. You’ve given them good advice :)


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