Hyatt Concierges Undertrained & Upper Management Cannot Follow Through on Promises

Last week in my rant at Hyatt, readers suggested the issue was the incompetence of my concierge. I’ll admit, I was a bit defensive. When I was first assigned a concierge, I spoke with her to get acquainted. The first task I asked her to do for me was to amend some reservations I already had. That came off without a hitch. However, the more I looked into the Departures Magazine ad and the responses my concierge was giving me, I started thinking my readers were right.

One reader asked me if I had actually given my concierge the DUSA promo code, which was the code given in Departures Magazine to bring up the Park Hyatt deal for 3rd or 4th night free. I had not spelled it out for her, though she did acknowledge knowing about the Park Hyatt special offer. So I sent her another email specifying the DUSA promo code and asking her to check again. I gave her random dates and asked her to check the Park Hyatt Saigon. Here’s what she said in replying to my request:

Hi Shelli,

The offer code DUSA does not bring up anything. It may be a different code for each property so I searched the properties you requested based on a 4 night in the time frame for a 3rd or 4th night free offer. Again, I do not see that it is available.

Park Hyatt Saigon. Image source:

But here’s what I found when I did the same search:

Oh boy, now I was even more upset, frustrated, and basically ready for a NEW concierge. I contacted my concierge by phone and asked her what the process was for requesting a new concierge. I did give her the courtesy of explaining a bit about why I was making my request, but didn’t go into much detail. She said she would get a supervisor on the line. Long story short, I was on hold for an hour before a supervisor came on the line.

The supervisor then told me that someone from “upper management” would be calling me AND emailing me on Monday. I did verify with the supervisor that my concierge did tell her there was a service grievance in relation to a Hyatt promo code. I also verified with the supervisor whether or not concierges were trained using promo codes and booking special offers. She assured me they were trained to be able to do these tasks.

Monday came and went and so did Tuesday. I’ll give you three guesses as to whether I’ve heard anything from Hyatt! Not a word.

So what’s my next move? I have no idea who to contact in this matter. I did email my concierge and tell her that I still had not heard from “upper management” and no reply. Anyone out there work in “upper management” for Hyatt?

7 thoughts on “Hyatt Concierges Undertrained & Upper Management Cannot Follow Through on Promises

  1. Greg Myers

    Truly a shame. I am a 2-3 night traveler, 9nce a month. After 10 years as a diamond, I will be losing Elite status with Hyatt in a few weeks. While I will miss the industry best Suite Upgrade policy and Industry best breakfast, the new threshold for elite status along with service declines like this are just not worth it

    1. Shelli Post author

      That’s a lot of years as a Hyatt loyalist. I agree about the suite upgrades and breakfasts. I totally get your disappointment. Thanks for reading, Greg.

  2. Theresa

    Contact via twitter; that seems to work the fastest when I’ve had Hyatt problems. They’ve always gotten back to me within hours or sooner.

  3. Nathan

    I totally agree-Concierge has been completely unresponsive to me. What a waste of a benefit. I guess I could ask for a new one too. But what’s the point. Like you show it is easier to do it yourself. These people are not frequent travelers. It reminds me of AMEX concierge service, does anyone use that?

    1. Shelli Post author

      I have a feeling you and I are not the only ones wanting a new concierge. Frustrating, and indeed a wasted benefit if the service is this poor. Thanks for reading, Nathan, and taking the time to comment.

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